Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is simple—and powerful—automation software enabling you to create your own software robots to automate any business process. Your "bots" are configurable software set up to perform the tasks you assign and control.

RPA bots can learn. They can also be cloned. See how they are working and adjust and scale as you see fit. It's code-free, non-disruptive, non-invasive, and easy.

Think of RPA as your Digital Workforce. Show your bots what to do, then let them do the work.

Robotic Process Automation bots have the same digital skillset as people, they are a Digital Workforce that can interact with any system or application the same way you do—everything from copy-paste to correcting data to making calculations. So there’s no need to change underlying business systems or applications, or any part of existing business processes in order to automate.

RPA automation can be up and running in an instant and business users can get started with it on their own. Digital Workers can be set up and deployed in a matter of weeks—then see ROI in a matter of days.


The benefits of Robotic Process Automation are immediately quantifiable and impact multiple areas, such as error reduction, increased compliance, and audit savings. RPA unlocks even greater return on investment by facilitating digital transformation, enabling incremental revenue opportunities, and freeing resources to focus on process improvements and value-added work.

Reduce Human Error


That means no rework and near-perfect compliance

Integrate Across Platforms

100%Application Agnostic

Legacy or new, RPA bots know their way around any application

Customer Experiences


Create time to focus on the customer with bots doing the data legwork

Harness Artificial Intelligence

70%within 4 Weeks

AI enables end-to-end process automation at high speed


RPA can plug and play with all applications and systems, current and legacy

RPA is intuitive to use
The drive to automate back-office, data-entry-heavy processes is certainly not new. Enabling knowledge workers to spend less time connecting the dots for legacy systems and executing repetitive, simple tasks has been a worthy cause for decades. However, tools that were able to assist with streamlining work—such as screen scraping—remained unintuitive for the everyday employee. RPA allows business users to build bots on their own, and realize ROI in a matter of days.

RPA empowers your workforce
RPA represents the convergence of multiple technologies within a consumer-friendly user interface. Advances in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) have enabled RPA to leap forward from its first emergence 20 years ago. RPA empowers your workforce to automate on their own, in real time. Flexible and intelligent, RPA executes 10X faster and 100% error-free.

Start, stop, and scale — your Digital Workforce of RPA bots on demand
Today, RPA delivers automation in a fraction of the time traditional approaches required, while being able to execute in any environment and across any application, anywhere. Robotic Process Automation bots can start immediately, scale on demand, and keep working at 100% capacity non-stop. Add intelligent automation, and your Digital Workforce can handle even complex unstructured information to automate any business process from end to end. You choose how many software robots you need and deploy the instant they’re required.


RPA really is for everyone and the benefits span all industries and business units. Applying RPA for business process automation is limited only by the imagination and putting bots to work has never been easier, with a growing marketplace of ready-made, ready-to-deploy Digital Workers available on demand, requiring no specialized IT infrastructure. Find RPA solutions already set up to take on functions such as hiring and onboarding or insurance claims processing. Put bots in, anywhere.


Business Process Outsourcing

RPA has become a major differentiator for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organizations enabling reduced costs, improved SLAs and operational agility, and increased capacity.

Discover RPA for BPO

Financial Services

RPA can swiftly automate data validation and migration between banking applications as well as customer account management, reporting, form filling, and financial claims processing.

Discover RPA for Finance


RPA alleviates administrative burden by automating healthcare processes, including patient information migration, processing, and storage; medical bill, insurance data, and claim processing.

Discover RPA for Healthcare


Automate document creation by pulling from different data sources and using document templates to produce in-depth reports, complex legal documents, and much more.

Discover RPA for Insurance

Life Sciences

Achieve better patient outcomes through enhanced productivity and improved quality, while maintaining cost. RPA improves processing times, compliance, and helps engage more effectively with patients.

Discover RPA for Life Sciences


Let RPA do the heavy lifting for ERP automation, automation of logistics data, data monitoring, product pricing comparisons.

Discover RPA for Manufacturing

Public Sector

With RPA, government agencies gain secure, reliable automation that is compliant with all federal mandates, enabling agency employees to focus on improving citizen services.

Discover RPA for Public Sector


Deploy RPA to collect, consolidate, and back up data from client phone systems, upload and extract data about competitor pricing, phone manufacturing information and more.

Discover RPA for Telecom


RPA is at the center of many organizations digital transformation strategies. RPA offers the ability to automate business processes quickly and easily, eliminating human intervention and simultaneously providing a wealth of business intelligence that was never available before.

RPA enables seamless business continuity. Whether facing crises like COVID-19 or everyday system and process changes, bots can operate from anywhere and automatically handle system and process changes on their own.

RPA has the power to accelerate every aspect of strategy and execution—including digital transformation—by putting the tools to automate in the hands of your frontline.


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