At Automation Anywhere, we believe that talent is equally distributed, but the opportunity to use it is not.


We build our technology so that people everywhere, in all segments of society, can have that technology and use it to do something great.

Our company and technology exist for all people—anyone who may enter, influence or be affected by the Future of Work, beyond our employees, customers and partners. We reach out to the edges of our ecosystem, to students, to developers, to those who cannot easily access our technology, to people from disadvantaged circumstances seeking training, greater employability, and better lives post-AI. We have just issued our first Environment Social Governance (ESG) report.

Three ways we’re building a better future.

We help NGOs and social impact organizations RPA upskill and reskill the most vulnerable segments of society

We give those organizations our products, support and training to improve their productivity and efficiency

We build partnerships to solve large-scale, societal world problems through AI

Helping people acquire life-changing skills

What happens when RPA technology, training, and tools reach disadvantaged communities? People from all walks of life gain new skills, careers, and purpose, and communities build bridges that connect into the future of work.

Making an impact with impact sourcing

RuralShores is a technology and BPO enterprise creating opportunities for youth in rural India. Automation Anywhere enables RuralShores to equip hundreds of young people across rural India with RPA and business development skills, creating the foundation for steady work and income security.



AA is helping us train people to take on automation projects in the market. We will use their help when we pitch to a prospective client and for initial onboarding and handholding. That will go a long way with us.

- Col. Rajiv Gupta, CEO RuralShores

Paving the way to meaningful work with RPA

Goodwill helps underserved people in the United States secure meaningful and life-sustaining work through technology training. Automation Anywhere makes it possible for Goodwill to offer reskilling and upskilling in RPA—providing a path to participate in a fast-growing field with exploding demand.



Goodwill Flow

Transforming communities in the Mississippi Delta

PeopleShores is a social enterprise empowering people in underserved communities to participate in a digital economy. Together with Automation Anywhere, PeopleShores is giving the people of Clarksdale, MS life-changing access to RPA skills that are leading to new economic opportunities in their hometown.



The minimum wage threshold is being shattered here…It’s raising the quality of life and people are able to provide for their gives you confidence, makes you bold and think broader and say, “I can rise to that new level!"

- Chuck Espy, Mayor, Clarksdale Mississippi

Empowering African women with RPA

RPA Nuggets is a South African NGO for upskilling African women. Automation Anywhere is helping RPA Nuggets reach its goal of training 1 million people in RPA, opening the door to corporate employment and new business opportunities. To date, 150 women have improved their lives through Automation Anywhere RPA.

RPA Nuggets

RPA Nuggets

We want to build a community that will care about the next person getting retrenched--the next person whose job is getting jeopardized because their company is taking on digital transformation. They think it’s the end of the road for their career, and need to understand they can transition into automation and have a fruitful career now and in the future.

- Tholang Mathopa, Founder and CEO, RPA Nuggets

RPA Nuggets

Fewer barriers. More impact. Giving changemakers the tools to build a better future.

We extend free access to our enterprise technology to social impact organizations, NGOS, developers, and students who cannot afford the RPA tools and training they need to make their processes more efficient.


Rainwater Harvesting Research

OVBI can now use RPA for rainwater harvesting research to generate correct, precise, timely, and accessible data from multiple satellite feeds worldwide. Potential research impact extends beyond rural Indian farmers to people everywhere coping with drought.


Donated to Help India Breathe Better Again

In May 2021, Automation Anywhere employees donated to Help India Breathe Again by the International Association for Human Values (IAHV). The initiative airlifted thousands of oxygen concentrators and PPE to hospitals in India and used our technology to mobilize efforts.


Contributed to WIRES (Wildlife Information and Rescue)

In January 2020, employee donations through GoFundMe supported our Australia team’s charity of choice to save one of the planet’s most amazing ecosystems from devastating bushfires.

We support the development of the future workforce everywhere through donations, training, and in some cases hardware.

Upskilling/Reskilling Scholarships

Upskilling/Reskilling Scholarships

AAU awarded 140 RPA upskilling/reskilling scholarships to help communities in need and to better fight COVID-19.

Computer Lab for Underserved Children

Computer Lab for Underserved Children

We supplied Akshaya Patra Foundation with hardware and software for a computer lab for underserved children in Chennai.

Adopted a Tenth-Grade Class

Adopted a Tenth-Grade Class

Through Parikrma Humanity Foundation we adopted a tenth-grade class of underprivileged children in Bangalore, subsidizing their education, healthcare, nutrition, and family care for one year.

AI for the greater good


We seek to use RPA and AI for the good of humanity by solving large scale global and societal problems, such as COVID-19, working alongside our customers or partners. These projects aim to make AI equitable and accessible by all to amplify human capabilities.

AI for the greater good


Relieving overworked COVID-19 staff at the UK’s National Health Service.



Through a partner solution, Automation Anywhere is providing AI-powered RPA including deployment services for free for three months to qualified first responders.



AI-powered document processing bots accelerated reporting and processing of hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 test forms.


AI, Intelligent Automation, and the ethics of the future of work

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Intelligent Automation (IA) are the heart of what we design, develop, and deliver globally—and for all levels of society.

We intend that our technology will always exist to serve human purpose with five principles that form the foundation for our technology: human centric; wisely developed and applied; serving process excellence; secure and reliable; ethically responsible.

For more information on our AI commitments, read our Digital Workforce Principles of Engagement.


Opening the door to RPA tools and careers for everyone

Automation Anywhere University (AAU) provides the curriculum and training that our partner social impact organizations and NGOs offer. To date, AAU has delivered 1M+ RPA courses, has certified more than 110,000 engineers, and in 2020, awarded 140 scholarships for RPA upskilling to help communities in need during COVID-19.

Community Edition ensures always-free access to software, training, and networking for RPA students and developers who use automation for social impact projects but cannot afford enterprise-level pricing for the access they need to realize their dreams.

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