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Humans impacted


Hours of training in future skills donated


Keep free licenses donated


Refugees in Ukraine received humanitarian aid due to automation


Trees planted

Based on captured social impact data to date.

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Fueling the future of work by empowering nonprofits and uplifting human lives.

Tech For Nonprofit Operations

Harness AI for your mission? We’re here to make it happen.

We’re expanding the capacity of nonprofit organizations and social enterprises to deepen and scale their missions with state of the art Intelligent Automation and AI solutions to help you do more with less.

Automation and AI have made it possible to manage up to 400% more humanitarian aid requests in Ukraine by improving, expediting, and scaling processes, giving time back to volunteers for critical direct services.

Tech for good for your nonprofit Join us with our partner AWS for nonprofits

For Inclusive Workforce Development

Equip your communities with future-of-work AI skills.

We’re advancing education equity and workforce inclusion to future-ready jobs with upskilling and reskilling, scholarships, and training certifications to build tech-enabled career pathways for economic mobility.

Our efforts are changing economic realities around the world. In Africa, through training 700+ women and empowering new tech leaders to close the employment gap in the region and transition people into the digital economy. In the Mississippi Delta, we’re upskilling untapped talent with a RPA Center of Excellence, creating hope with new tech-enabled jobs. Watch the video.

Partner with us on reskilling and training

Uplifting Human Lives

Investing in our communities, locally and globally.

We’re strengthening communities to address social and environmental challenges that can benefit from technology with donated resources and employee volunteering and giving.

What are we doing today? Creating access to ICT education for 1,400 African students with donated computers for two new labs, saving 29.9M liters of water and 343Kg of waste from landfills with repurposed equipment.

Our partnership with Planet Water

Embracing our role in rebuilding trust and global cooperation.

We’re passionate about AI safety and responsibility and being a part of the solution to ensure we have a stable, secure and sustainable future on our planet. Together with global leaders we’re part of the World Economic Forum initiatives Good Work Alliance and Reskilling Revolution. Explore our contributions to World Economic Forum | Davos 2024

Creating an inclusive AI future happens now.

Responsible AI is much more than where and how AI is deployed; it starts with the creation and training of AI models themselves. Our shared AI-driven future demands AI that mirrors the true diversity of humanity. Time is of the essence: the pace of AI proliferation means the window is closing to ensure algorithms and large language models (LLMs) are attuned to the incredible mosaic of minorities that make up our world.

Watch World Woman Davos 2024: AI and an Inclusive Future of Work

“Digital inclusion. What does it mean? It is our hope for an AI-driven future that reflects the realities of the diversity of people on Earth. There is a data deficit. Every human deserves to be represented in the future built with AI, a future that is only a few short years away.”

Quotes —Neeti Mehta Shukla, Social Impact Officer and Co-Founder

Neeti Mehta Shukla

Our team. A force for good.

We empower teammates to #GoGiveBack and unleash their potential in the workplace and beyond.

Our people are changemakers and doers. Employees use their time, money, and voice to make a positive impact, and we provide them space and opportunities to turn their passion into action across the communities where we live and work. Want to learn more about our social good programs? Read the latest ESG report.

Employee Volunteering and Giving

Our employees are passionate about diverse causes. We believe in empowering them to make a positive impact with paid time off annually to volunteer and be a force for good. During our #GoGiveBack Month in Fall 2023 alone, our team collectively contributed over 400 volunteer hours from providing blankets to those in need, to supporting community farms, to engaging children with STEM activities. We know that together we make an even bigger impact, which inspires us year-round in supporting charities aligned with employee values, facilitating donation drives, and fundraising for crisis and disaster relief.

Team image

Sustainability Initiatives

Every April, we celebrate Earth Month, a time to reflect on the importance of our planet and take action to ensure its health for generations to come. We host e-cycling drives across our offices to enable employees to recycle IT equipment; we also partner with nonprofits to donate our corporate laptops and IT hardware for re-use and STEM education in various communities. We supported Eden Reforestation Projects to plant over 30,000 trees in a single year in partnership with our employees and customers. We take this responsibility seriously and are committed to fostering sustainable practices and supporting our local communities throughout the year.

Team image

Women’s Empowerment Circle

At Automation Anywhere, women know they belong, are seen as equals, and have opportunities to reach their full potential. The Women’s Empowerment Circle brings the women of Automation Anywhere together to provide support, exposure, career development, and learning to foster leadership and help each other grow. Our mission to uplift women extends throughout our ecosystem like celebrating female tech leaders in the #GoWomen social media campaign.

Team image

Our partners lead the way. Together we drive change.

Reimagining the future in collaboration with nonprofit organizations, social enterprises, and workforce training providers.

Our social impact initiatives and investments align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth all while tackling climate change. We are proud to be part of the Pledge 1% global movement and have committed product and time to ultimately impact 100 million humans.

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1shared world we're working to improve as strategic WEF partner


Sponsor of the world's largest network of humanitarian nonprofits

united way

Fighting poverty together through Bot Games Impact Edition


Committed to long-term giveback as signatory; Serving on responsible AI advisory group.


School science lab funded with our customers for Nepal school


Essentials for unsheltered veterans in the Bay Area


65+ people trained for tech jobs in 6 months


Support for food distribution across India


2,800+ people impacted through acess to tech education labs


Humanitarian aid capacity increase for refugees in Ukrain


Disaster relief programs + tech infrastructure and training for 2000+ people

Committed to more women in tech jobs, over 2,300 trained


Health systems transformation blueprint, addressing care worker burnout and reducing costs


Education in tech by investing in computer labs


Uplifting communities with tech reskilling programs in areas of stagnant economic growth


Clean water for 7,200+ villagers in India through volunteer efforts


Upskilling for refugees to access economic opportunities via tech jobs


Jobs in tech influx for tier 3 and 4 cities in India through reskilling


8+ nonprofits supported with automation solutions


AI for our oceans: In partnership with WWF India.

Our mission is clear: to deploy the capabilities of artificial intelligence in service of ocean conservation, contributing to a cleaner, healthier marine environment for future generations.

Plastic pollution is a looming threat that endangers marine ecosystems worldwide. In a groundbreaking collaboration, we’ve joined forces with WWF India to pioneer an automated system that utilizes cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to pinpoint plastic debris within vast ocean expanses through the analysis of remote sensing imagery. We aim to create an efficient solution for identifying, mapping, and ultimately eradicating plastic waste from our oceans.

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    Best product to combat & reduce the impact of COVID-19

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    Best technology to combat & reduce the impact of COVID-19

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    Best technology COVID-19 patient care with A360

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    For innovative uses of technology that positively impact individuals or the environment

We’re changing the narrative on social impact. Read more.

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Enabling young job seekers in Santa Clara County to launch new careers and fuel the future of work.

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Pilot partnership aims to address global refugee crisis with 100 million digital workers

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Press release

Relief organization automates humanitarian efforts for thousands of families across Ukraine

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See the full announcement

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