Execute HR processes, hands free

Between ensuring employee safety and wellness and running operations hampered by legacy systems, HR has been thrust into the spotlight in today’s new normal.

Sustaining performance while playing a strategic role in the business to adapt to market changes requires HR to move to the front of the pack in digital transformation. Intelligent automation makes that move possible—right now.

Imagine no more administration. RPA can solve the HR process challenges you didn’t know you had.

Streamline hiring and onboarding

Streamline hiring and onboarding.

Automate manual tasks to create a seamless candidate experience.

Improve employee engagement

Improve employee engagement.

Intelligent automation allows HR to improve the employee experience from Day 1.

Leapfrog legacy systems

Leapfrog legacy systems.

RPA bots can access any application to collect, reconcile, and update data across all systems.

Get strategic

Get strategic.

RPA gives HR time to advance strategic objectives, like talent development and succession planning.

Reduce errors and ensure compliance.

Deploy RPA bots to process data with 100% accuracy and generate audit logs automatically.

Validate HR decisions with analytics.

Intelligent automation surfaces data and predictive analysis to support a dynamic corporate strategy.

Dell boosts HR productivity with workday by 85%

Dell deploys RPA to automate across HR operations, including open requisition recruiter assignments, onboarding tasks, and offer status management.

Joe Cotnoir

Once we got a few groups on board with RPA, that was really a game changer for us. People started to see the results and the excitement was contagious.

— Joe Cotnoir, Director
HRIS-Business Process Enablement, HR Services


Efficiency gain


HR processes automated in year 1


Automation-first mindset

Automate data- & time-intensive processes with RPA

Supercharge the productivity of your HR team by eliminating repetitive manual tasks with intelligent automation bots.

New employee onboarding

New employee

  • New user form request
  • Employee provisioning
  • IT equipment setup
  • Software license allocation
  • Profile creation in HR system
  • Orientation scheduling
Employee benefits administration

Employee benefits

  • Billable hour process and reconciliation
  • Open-enrollment management
  • Stock option administration
  • FSA account administration
  • Employee information update
Workforce data administration

Workforce data

  • Employee data entry
  • PTO/time-off administration
  • Promotion and organizational change update
  • Tax form generation
  • Payroll audit and error checking
Compliance and reporting

Compliance and

  • Employee health and safety
  • Statutory and compliance
  • Labor audit reporting
  • Employment job analysis
  • Job classification
  • Secure handling of PII

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