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Automation Anywhere RPA jumpstarts the transformation of Finance and Accounting operations by eliminating manual processes to reduce costs, strengthen controls, improve accuracy, accelerate financial reporting, and empower employees.

Realize the benefits of automating finance processes with RPA

Strengthen governance and controls

Strengthen governance and controls.

Ensure regulatory compliance, automate manual controls, and tighten governance of financial processes.
Accelerate the financial close

Accelerate the financial close.

RPA delivers financial data on demand, supporting external reporting and business decision making.
Create business resilience

Create business resilience.

Adapt to change by eliminating repetitive, manual, document- and data-intensive tasks.
Reduce costs

Reduce costs.

Automate manual processes and data validation checks to improve the efficiency of financial operations.
Improve cash flow

Improve cash flow.

Streamline the accounts payable and accounts receivable functions by automating invoicing and reconciliation tasks.
Improve accuracy

Improve accuracy.

Eliminate processing errors with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Juniper creates unlimited processing capability for billing invoices with RPA

End-to-end billing portal automation freed analysts to focus on understanding patterns and removing roadblocks to facilitate smoother cash flow for the business.


With the implementation of RPA for our billing portal, we’ve increased our efficiency and production, decreased processing costs, and scaled for the future.

– Kevin Tucceri, Business Process Owner - Credit & Collections


reduction in process cycle time


reduction in manual labor


unlimited billing capacity

One RPA + AI platform. any finance process.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable (Procure-to-Pay):

RPA sets up accounts for new vendors, creates purchase orders, captures emailed invoices, extracts invoice data, matches amounts to PO and shipment delivery receipts, and authorizes payments.
Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable (Order-to-Cash):

RPA helps scale accounts receivable operations. Open customer accounts, issue invoices and collection notices, and process payments.
Financial Operations

Financial Operations:

RPA automates reconciliations, manual journal entries, cost center updates, and regulatory and financial report preparation.
Financial Planning & Analysis

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A):

RPA aggregates and consolidates data for budgeting and forecasting, performs variance analysis, and prepares management reports.
Treasury Operations

Treasury Operations:

RPA extracts data from bank statements, consolidates bank account information, and reconciles with the cash position on the balance sheet.
Tax Operations

Tax Operations:

RPA provisions data from internal and external sources to support tax accounting, tax filings, and calculation of sales and use taxes.

How are finance & accounting companies using RPA?

Case Study

See how Hologic collected 92% of outstanding account balances in 7 days.

document hologic
Case Study

Case Study

Learn how RPA reduced collection time leading to a dramatic increase in cash flow—$10 million per day.

document Quad
Case Study

Case Study

By introducing RPA, Australia Post’s accounting team saved 18,000 hours.

document australia post
Case Study

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