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RPA has begun to show benefits towards our corporate objectives. Thanks to Thirdware and Automation Anywhere, we have been able to improve performance, increase efficiency and reduce our invoice backlog simultaneously. Our success with RPA to date has given us the confidence to move forward and automate even more processes.

Andy Anderson
CIO, Stant

Customer achievements.

Customer Achievements


Invoice straight through processing


Targeted supplier invoices processed


Data entry errors

Simultaneously improving performance and efficiency while reducing invoice backlog.

As a result of implementing an invoice-matching bot, Stant’s invoice backlog has already been reduced from 3 weeks down to just 4 days and it continues to decline. Coupling existing Accounts Payable employees with bots has put Stant on a quick path to their desired results.

Today, the bots perform the tedious invoice matching and data entry work. When the bots detect invoice errors or exceptions, they are either filed into folders or the incorrect data is overwritten. The exceptions are then moved through an approval workflow which notifies their human counterparts of pending issues. Instead of being overwhelmed by time- consuming invoice matching and data entry, the Accounts Payable team is able to focus on troubleshooting and co-ordination using the metrics generated by Automation Anywhere. This enhanced ability to do analysis and identify the root causes of issues allows the team to improve efficiency and focus on strategic sourcing and higher value activities to support Stant's corporate objectives.

Processes automated.

  • Invoice Matching
  • Approval Workflow
  • Data Validation
  • Manual Invoice Creation
  • Exception Reporting and Metrics
  • General Ledger Coding

Customer overview.

Stant is a tier-1 automotive supplier of thermal and vapor management parts. They have operations in 5 countries and ship to over 160 global customer locations. They recently celebrated 120 years of continuous business operations and have a proud heritage of quality products that serves OEM, industrial and after-market channels.

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