Empower teams to better serve customers with a generative AI-powered enterprise assistant.

Embed in any application

Embed in any application

Surface Intelligent Automation directly within business applications to minimize workflow disruptions.

Embed in any application
Accelerate business teams

Accelerate business teams

Turbocharges team collaboration with enterprise assistants that launch AI Agents and orchestrate cognitive tasks across applications.

Accelerate automators
Conversational experience (Coming soon)

Conversational experience (Coming soon)

Ask questions and get actionable insights, grounded in your company's policies.

Conversational experience

Accelerate business teams with conversational Automation Co-Pilot embedded in any application.

Automation Co-Pilot is now conversational, enabling business users to automate in natural language for any generative AI use case, right within their application of choice.

Ask questions. Get automation. (Coming soon!)

Simply ask a question and get real-time insights and automation directly within the user's application—and drive faster results.

Expand what’s possible with automation

Empower teams with an infinite universe of automation use cases made available with generative AI.

Access in any web application

Embed Automation Co-Pilot directly in the applications your teams love, so that users can call on AI Agents and orchestrate cognitive tasks across any model, system, and team to get work done efficiently.

Build in guardrails for responsible use

Set limits on what teams can and cannot do with automation and generative AI, keeping them focused on the tasks that matter most.

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Yes, work was meant to be this fast.

Unlock speed and agility with Automation Co-Pilot to better connect people, processes, and data, increase end-to-end automation, and enable employees to thrive in the world of hybrid work.

The Automation Success Platform

Accelerate work. Powered by the Automation Success Platform.

Automate every repetitive digital task and process with the Automation Success Platform. Easily bridge technology islands and transform disconnected processes into unified, automated, digital operations.

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Frequently asked questions.

What is Automation Co-Pilot?

Automation Co-Pilot is a generative AI-powered assistant for business users. Embedded within employee systems and applications, Automation Co-Pilot powers secure, natural-language driven access to automated workflows, boosting employee productivity, collaboration, and the speed of business processes.

Do you need to know how to code to use Automation Co-Pilot?

No, you do not need coding skills to use Automation Co-Pilot. An AI-powered assistant, Automation Co-Pilot provides a user-friendly, natural language interface for executing and interacting with automated workflows via direct integration within applications. It empowers users to access process automations across business functions and teams, such as customer service, finance, supply chain, and IT helpdesk without the need for expertise in coding.

What are some use cases of Automation Co-Pilot?

Use cases for Automation Co-Pilot range from individual routine tasks such as updating customer records to orchestrating multi-agent collaboration across complex process workflows such as health insurance claims. Automation Co-Pilot is powered by generative AI, enabling users to find data and initiate automated workflows using natural language. With Automation Co-Pilot, employees can fast-track complex tasks and collaborate with other teams without leaving their primary work application.

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