The benefits of RPA in life sciences are yours to discover

Scale organizational capabilities

Scale organizational capabilities. Automate processes and integrate systems—from operations to drug discovery—for flexible capacity on demand.

Improve quality and accuracy to reduce risk and costs

Improve quality and accuracy to reduce risk and costs with error-free RPA in complaint handling, pharmacovigilance (PV) and Adverse Events (AE).

Real-time analysis and decision making

Real-time analysis and decision making. Leverage global data volume with AI to enable response to emerging situations and high quality of care.

Create agile supply chains for business continuity

Create agile supply chains for business continuity. RPA buffers volume surges to ensure supply of key drugs and medical supplies.

Faster regulatory documentation and reports

Faster regulatory documentation and reports. Fast track clinical trials, regulatory updates, and reporting by automating data collection, collation, and audit.

Free up high-value resources, from lab to market

Free up high-value resources, from lab to market. Eliminate time wasted on manual digital tasks to focus on competitive innovation.

Eli Lilly Japan realizes immediate savings through RPA

Richard Mendoza

Combining RPA with cognitive automation and analytics gives us the foundation to transform how we serve customers.

— Richard Mendoza, Automation Capabilities Leader quotes


FTE hours saved


cost savings


processes automated

Innovate faster and operate smarter with RPA

Pharmacovigilance (PV) and complaint handling

Pharmacovigilance (PV) and complaint handling

RPA bots can automate data entry, track safety issues, optimize customer support, manage communications, and create reporting.

Commercial operations, Sales and Marketing

Commercial operations, Sales and Marketing

Automate market updates, product communications, field information, and data in Salesforce. Aggregate data monitoring, analysis, and reporting across multiple systems with 100% accuracy to support stronger patient engagement.

Clinical trials data handling

Clinical trials data handling

Apply AI-powered automation in clinical trials and research to accelerate participant recruiting and patient monitoring by integrating data, automating manual processes, and extracting document information.

Back-office productivity across Finance, IT, and HR

Back-office productivity across Finance, IT, and HR

Deploy RPA for higher productivity across back-office functions and processes, including: audit trails, GxP, global update lifecycles, recruiting, tracking employee training and certifications.

Supply chain management

Supply chain management

Automate vendor management and product tracking and discover real-time inventory management, service configuration, unit tracking, ERP inventory receipts, customer returns, and credits.

Drug discovery. Supply chain. Pharmacovigilance. Put RPA to work—everywhere.

>Manage global adverse events and complaints

Manage global adverse events and complaints

Save time and costs by automating adverse events (AE) reporting, pharmacovigilance (PV) cases, and complaint handling processes. Apply intelligent automation to:

  • Intake and triage complaints, and automate AE event reporting
  • Pull information from multiple sources, systems, and types of documents
  • Complete forms and send follow up communications
Create supply chain continuity

Create supply chain continuity

Eliminate disruptions and ensure continuity in the complex and highly regulated supply chain for medical supplies, diagnostic tests, and healthcare equipment. Apply RPA+AI to:

  • Automate procurement, stockpiling, and adjust inventory
  • Onboard new suppliers and coordinate supply chain program management
  • Secure and adjust logistics and transportation options
Accelerate clinical studies

Accelerate clinical studies

Cut 4 months from your NDA submission timeline. Audit regulatory documentation in a third less time. Apply intelligent automation to:

  • Create regulatory documentation and audit filings
  • Prepare regulatory forms for preclinical and clinical development
  • Complete clinical database and research reports

8 out of 10 of the top life sciences organizations choose Automation Anywhere

Becton Dickinson Case Study

Case Study

Becton Dickinson automated back-office and R&D, saving $7 million, and managed 5X order volumes during COVID-19.

Boston Scientific Case Study

Case Study

Boston Scientific applies AI-powered RPA for 100% accurate handling of medical data and improved customer care.

Case Study
Amgen Case Study

Case Study

RPA helps Amgen with life-saving research to bring drugs to market faster and more efficiently.

Medtronic Case Study

Case Study

Medtronic shares the key to successful RPA deployment for medical technology and services organizations.

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