Intelligent Automation (IA) is a combination of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies which together empower rapid end-to-end business process automation and accelerate digital transformation.

To extend the horizons of business process automation by an order of magnitude, Intelligent Automation combines the task execution of RPA with the machine learning and analysis capabilities of automatic process discovery and process analytics as well as cognitive technologies, like computer vision, Natural Language Processing, and fuzzy logic.

Intelligent Automation spans the entire automation journey—discovery, automation, optimization—automating any front- or back-office business process, and orchestrating work across combined human-bot teams.

“By using a combination of the Artificial intelligence (AI) and Robotic process automation (RPA), organization can automate processes end to end. A typical end to end process involves both structured and unstructured data. e.g. take in document using AI, parse, classify and understand meaning or sentiment, and pass on the required action to RPA.”

— Sarah Burnett, Vice President, Everest Group.


Intelligent Automation works by harnessing and integrating cognitive technologies with RPA

In contrast to traditional automation which relies on prescriptive instructions and structured data inputs, Intelligent Automation assists with each step of the automation cycle, and then continues to improve over time.

The IA cycle begins with process discovery, where AI-powered tools automatically observe the work activities people are doing, identify optimal workflows, and propose an automation path.

At the automation stage, intelligent automation applies AI to access unstructured information, including human chat conversation, audio, and video, which is crucial to making end-to-end automation possible—In today’s enterprise, unstructured information represents 80% of all business data.

Analyzing automation relies on AI to identify patterns in the process data and predict future productivity gains.

The result? Self-adjusting, end-to-end automation of any business process, while reducing exceptions and bot management over time.


AI + RPA makes automating incredibly complex business tasks a reality

Augmenting RPA with AI technologies expands the possibilities of business process automation to include nearly any scenario—cognitive bots can reason and make decisions, learning on the job to become valuable resources in your human-digital workforce.

But the transformative potential of intelligent automation is that it creates the opportunity to reimagine how businesses operate by seamlessly integrating technology, work processes, and people.

Automate Any Business Process, End to End

Every business process is a candidate for automation with intelligent automation. Save time and money by reducing human interaction, increasing processing speed, and regularizing outputs.

Reduce Operational Obstacles

Cognitive automation is designed for unstructured, inconsistent, processes and data. RPA + AI can navigate legacy systems and other functional barriers and connect front- and back-office operations.

Organize and Process Complex Data

Set up processes to run successfully no matter how big and unwieldy the data inputs look. Intelligent automation tools capture, store, manipulate, and retrieve records from unstructured sources.

Eliminate Errors and Exceptions

Digital Workers improve efficiency and accuracy of both routine tasks and complex procedures. Over time, intelligent bots continue to decrease exceptions by self-learning how to handle them on their own.

Strengthen Cybersecurity

Implement checks and balances to analyze networks and data structures, assess threats, and address potential security weaknesses before they can be exploited.

Ensure Compliance

Intelligent automation enables guaranteed adherence to requirements established by regulatory statutes, industry standards, and best practices.

Enhance Customer Experience

Improve customer satisfaction by delivering faster response times, greater accuracy, and more consistent results.

Liberate Employees

With intelligent Digital Workers handling more complex tasks and complete processes, employees can focus on objectives that use their unique human skills.


Making the claim to automate any business process, end to end, implies an impossibly broad range of AI capabilities coupled with deep RPA functionality. How can a single platform offer every necessary tool? The key is natively integrating core cognitive technologies while at the same time being any-AI compatible.

Automation Anywhere is designed for simple and easy AI platform combining on top of the industry’s most advanced intelligent automation platform with built-in cognitive technologies. Then see and analyze all of the data and outputs in one comprehensive dashboard.

Empower data scientists and developers to create tailored AI-powered tools for business users using any AI platforms of choice such as Google translate, Microsoft intent analysis, and IBM Watson sentiment analysis. At the same time, all Automation Anywhere Enterprise users can automate unstructured data processes using AI technologies like Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), fuzzy logic, and machine learning (ML) without calling in data scientists or highly trained specialists.


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Companies that specialize in providing outsourcing services for business process management are seeing a huge ROI on RPA. Every incremental improvement brings savings that grow exponentially through economies of scale, benefitting both BPOs and their customers.

Financial Services

Transfers, trades, loan origination, and payment processing are just some of the things that can be handled by Digital Workers. From back-office reconciliation to customer-facing transactions, help customers at every stage of their financial journey.


Whether streamlining administrative processes related to record retention and billing or implementing critical checks for surgery prep and post-op recovery, cognitive automation can help improve patient outcomes, reduce manual processes, and significantly lower overhead costs.


Claims processing, eligibility verification, remittance, reporting, and a wide range of other tasks can be automated quickly and effortlessly with an AI-enabled process. Insurance providers can deploy bots to handle everyday tasks and deploy Digital Workers to execute complicated decision-making based on changing variables and continuous inputs from various sources.

Life Sciences 

Automation can assist those focused on developing life-saving and quality-of-life-improving drugs and medical devices in many different ways. Accelerate application preparation, improve data accuracy and analysis, and add machine learning to almost every step of the R&D process for faster results.


Manufacturers can use RPA to control processes from end to end, including material and component acquisition, inventory management, order reconciliation, transportation, and invoicing, along with numerous other operations at factories, administrative offices, and retailers.

Public Sector 

Governments at all levels can expand and improve public services while reducing the burden on taxpayers through cost-effective error-reducing automation technologies. Intelligent automation can be used to speed up processing of permits, licenses and benefits applications, produce reports, and provide civil servants with more opportunities to help the public they serve.


As telecom services become increasingly digital, a Digital Workforce offers greater efficiencies related to all areas of communications technology, from service and installation to maintenance and beyond. Telecoms can cut downtime, enable more user-friendly options and improve customer satisfaction through automated process management.



For Bancolombia, intelligent automation has allowed them to improve their front and back office capabilities.

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