What are the advantages of automated customer service for Telecoms?

Customer service activities generate large amounts of unstructured data, which can be challenging to manage, organize, and access without dedicating hours to handling it. Intelligent, real-time RPA for customer service can analyze and structure data regardless of its source. Then, use artificial intelligence and machine learning on these databases to identify patterns, problems, and new opportunities to improve services and offerings. Some of the benefits of RPA in the telecom sector include:

Reduce Average Handle TimeReduce Average Handle Time

Telecom automation solutions can identify the best options in seconds and make suggestions, increasing sales and customer loyalty. In addition, bots can instantly access and update records, speeding up response times and enhancing self-service options. This results in increased accuracy and quicker follow-up, and loyalty.

Higher ProductivityHigher Productivity

Whether using pre-crafted bots from the Bot Store or AARI, the result is the same. The agents can stay engaged with customers the entire call, asking relevant questions; no need to put them on hold while the agent looks up information. This provides a more in-depth customer experience overall and a more relaxed conversation.

Workflow EfficienciesWorkflow Efficiencies

Customer service RPA bots are frequently no or low-code solutions with customizable functionality. Their adoption empowers the entire workforce to automate additional tasks and improve productivity. The Bot Store takes this idea even further, with pre-built, ready-to-go bots developed explicitly for the more common manual activities.

Faster Customer Service Call Handling -Seamless CommunicationFaster Customer Service Call Handling -Seamless Communication

It can sometimes take days to update accounts, CRM software, inventories, and other databases. Intelligent robotic automation for the telecom sector can handle all of these, across the various touchpoints, for flawless, round-the-clock communication.

Better Lead ManagementBetter Lead Management

Large product and service offerings combined with constantly changing deals can bring an influx of leads at once. Transferring sales lead information from Excel into legacy CRMs can be done automatically with bots like the Salesforce Lead Assistant. The bot automatically does the job and prompts lead conversion possibilities.

Customer Intelligence GatheringCustomer Intelligence Gathering

Customer feedback can come from anywhere, including unstructured channels like social media and open-ended survey responses. With bots developed to analyze customer feedback specifically in the telco industry, you can easily use this information to improve products, offerings, processes, and much more.

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Who can benefit from customer service automation for telecoms?

Almost any telecom department or team can benefit from automated customer service software. And because it's so easy to customize and deploy, almost anyone can set up and deploy robotic process automation tools and the insights they provide.

Telecom Call Center and Customer Service Teams
Telecom Call Center and Customer Service Teams

Get instant answers, update a custom knowledge base, automate social media messaging, process help desk requests, and manage other communication channels for a better overall customer service experience. The time saved can be spent on more complex issues and handling other phone calls.

Telecom Sales and Marketing Teams
Telecom Sales and Marketing Teams

Customer satisfaction increases when you know what people want and need, even when they don't know themselves. RPA for telecom automation can help find these answers and facilitate an omnichannel sales experience.

Billing and Finance Departments
Billing and Finance Departments

Telecom sector automation can automate invoicing, billing, payment processing, and reminders and tie them directly with CRM and customer service bots. As a result, you'll get paid faster and easily identify the most profitable and costly clients.

Tech Support and Telecom IT Teams
Tech Support and Telecom IT Teams

Instead of being solely reactive, tech support agents and IT teams can handle support tickets, identify problem areas, and spot complications before they start. They'll become proactive through the adoption of telecom sector RPA solutions.

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"Our investment in the RPA program, once nurtured to its full potential, will pay off through sustained improvements in customer and employee experiences."

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How can customer service automation help the telecom sector?

RPA is a powerful tool for improving the telecom customer journey. Simple, small integrations start the digital transformation of standard customer service processes. And while these may be small steps, they will undoubtedly have wide-reaching benefits throughout the company. Then, scale and adapt them to automate other tasks, manage more data, and find new opportunities.

A few uses for telecom customer service automation include:

Telecom Front Office Automation

Telecom Front Office Automation

  • Data entry automation
  • Data verification
  • Data extraction
  • Smart document analysis
  • Automated customer responses
  • Improved, synchronized customer experiences
Network Management Automation

Network Management Automation

  • Automate network configurations
  • Test and deploy physical and virtual network components
  • Network service monitoring
  • Network auditing and troubleshooting
  • Scale network changes with fewer errors
  • Improve network design
Payments and Sales Processing

Payments and Sales Processing

  • Coordinate between sales, finance, logistics, and more
  • Update and synchronize CRM, accounting, and other software
  • Process sales and dispatch installers
  • Accurate data capture
  • Inform and provide insights to sales and marketing teams
  • Upsell and customize offerings
Nurturing the Customer Lifecycle

Nurturing the Customer Lifecycle

  • Collect and identify information to nurture leads
  • Better qualify and sort leads
  • Automate upsells, new product offers, and additional services
  • Automated email workflows and content delivery
  • Lower the cost per lead
  • Track and proactively address issues

What telecoms should look for in customer service automation

While you can streamline an entire customer service strategy across various touchpoints, you're not limited to fully automated systems. You don’t have to change your legacy software. Instead, you can start by automating simple customer requests and processes using AARI's API from within your current software.

Start with chatbots, for example, to process simple customer questions. Then, integrate RPA with virtual assistants and natural language IVR to mimic human interactions. They can refer users to knowledge base articles, provide updates, and make account changes. Then, simply choose bots you can adapt and deploy in a way that works for you.

Telecom sector RPA also must be cloud-based for global accessibility and scalability. In addition, it should be easily implemented, adjusted, and have a user-friendly user interface so that everyone can access and use the bots as needed. These features will free up the tech team for other tasks requiring minimal training.

How to get started with telecom customer service automation

Contact one of our RPA bot automation experts. They will show you just how powerful robotics automation can be. It's the perfect opportunity to ask any questions about customer service automation and see how these bots can help you grow and succeed in telecom.

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