Customer experience is king. AI-powered RPA is at your service.

An intelligent digital workforce reduces processing times and cost of operations while improving the customer experience.

differentiated customer experience

Create a differentiated customer experience. Attended RPA enables agents and bots to work side-by-side resulting in lower processing times and higher quality client care.

Increase employee productivity

Increase employee productivity. Automate all time-consuming manual or critical processes to allow agents to focus on the customer interaction at hand.

Improve KPIs

Improve KPIs. Digital workers streamline operations to reduce average handle time, improve customer satisfaction, and increase first call resolution.

Reduce Average Handle Time (AHT)

Reduce Average Handle Time (AHT). RPA bots simplify workflows by navigating between multiple applications and departments to service each request.

Enforce compliance

Enforce compliance. AARI, your digital assistant at work, helps contact centers securely manage PII and limit direct access to critical systems - reducing the risk of fraud and error.

Empower remote work

Empower remote work. Intelligent bots can work from anywhere, deliver remote agents just required data in a single screen, and ensure adherence to process guidelines.

Ensure business continuity

Ensure business continuity. RPA creates more resilient business processes and solves capacity planning problems without major infrastructure investments or downtime.

Speed up onboarding and training

Speed up onboarding and training. Leverage automation to quickly onboard new agents and guide them on business standards to realize productivity gains sooner.

From weeks to just 2 days—Maximus reduces customer request turnaround time

Maximus automated time-consuming, repetitive, customer refund and call center workforce management processes, improving customer experience and enabling employees to focus on higher-value work.

David Cowles

We want people working to the top level of their training and certification, so the processes we’re automating are the ones that are dragging them down.

– David Cowles, Chief Digital Officer quotes


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Apply RPA across the entire customer journey

Focus more on customers and less on administrative tasks, improving FCR and AHT

>Cross-channel customer knowledge

Cross-channel customer knowledge

RPA bots integrate customer journey information across all channels—IVR, email, SMS, chat, app, knowledgebase, in-store/kiosk, etc.—onto a single screen for the agent to review before the customer interaction. This helps agents personalize the customer experience even further and reduce the number of times customers must repeat Information.

Embed automation so agents never switch screens

Embed automation so agents never switch screens

Automate from right within CRM and ticketing systems such as Salesforce and ServiceNow so agents can easily start process automations to service requests without ever switching screens.Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface (AARI) presents a 360-degree customer view across all channels for the agent to validate then trigger subsequent RPA bots to service the request, including collecting input and escalating as needed. AARI wraps up by triggering RPA bots to perform after call work while collecting additional agent insight to close the request.

Automate multi-touch and legacy workflows

Automate multi-touch and legacy workflows

API-free intelligent RPA means enterprises no longer have to rely on APIs that can only integrate modern systems. RPA allows you to automate complex, multi-touch workflows that span across the front and back office, including all proprietary, modern, and legacy applications, while limiting direct access to critical systems.


Transform the customer contact center for both customer and employees, leveraging automation.

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