Transform Public Service With Intelligent Automation

The public sector is struggling. At the same time as government agencies face an aging workforce and budget reductions, new consumer-grade expectations from citizens and new standards for efficiency and transparency must be addressed. Technology is touted as the answer—but how? Current investments in technology have been unable to ease employee overload.

Intelligent Automation closes the gap between new technologies and legacy systems, increased expectations and a shrinking labor force, enabling transformation of public sector service delivery and performance.

Automation Anywhere is the leading RPA solution for the public sector

Upgrade Citizen Experience

Upgrade Citizen Experience

RPA provides flexible technology that enables agencies to keep up with citizen demand and desire for consumer-grade service levels.

Minimize Improper Payments

Minimize Improper Payments

Introduce 100% accuracy to fund distribution and invoice payment processes with RPA bots designed to execute the same way, every time.

Modernize Government Forms

Modernize Government Forms

Optimize data collection, consolidation, and indexing to set up all processes with the right information, right away.

Improve Mission Delivery

Improve Mission Delivery

From input through to compliance and reporting, RPA enables smoother, faster, service delivery, by automating high-friction/bottleneck steps in processes.

Interoperate with any System

Interoperate with any System

RPA is designed to work with any system from legacy to cloud. Free human talent from connecting the dots between systems to focus on high-value work.

Lower Contractor Costs

Lower Contractor Costs

Reduce reliance on external resources with bots able to handle complex government process tasks quickly and securely.

City of Seattle

Redefining Government: Seattle Improves Quality of City Services by Scaling RPA


When he joined the City of Seattle in 2019 as Automation Program Lead, Luke Keenan sought to build a sound foundation to optimize how the City provides services using his considerable experience in RPA deployment. Under Luke’s leadership, Seattle IT tested different RPA solutions for cutting-edge technology and ease of implementation. After an Automation Anywhere demonstration, the team decided that Enterprise A2019 met all their desired functionality.


The automation team was able to deploy their first bot within the first week of deploying the A2019 platform. Since then, more than 60 bots have been pushed into production, with each automating a different process at varying levels of complexity. The team maximized the platform’s capabilities by leveraging the AI power of IQ Bot to accelerate the processing of incoming applications and Bot Insights for real-time tracking of bot and business performance.

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Case backlog of utility applications eliminated


Hour reduction of manual data entry


FTE hours saved


Decrease in password lockout notifications

Dan Lewis

As local governments continue to face resource constraints due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, the City of Seattle is finding innovative ways to improve its government services though automation. Seattle IT has seen immediate results from its bot automation service—from everyday work to more efficient government services for the City of Seattle residents

Dan Lewis, Digital Transformation Strategist, Seattle IT

US Department of Defense

See how the United States Department of Defense utilizes Automation Anywhere technology at our annual Imagine Digital event

Drive connectivity & performance with Automation Anywhere’s Intelligent Automation platform

RPA is ready to work within every department and function, including across legacy systems



  • Requirements research, quote validation
  • Order confirmation, PO processing
  • Audits, report processing, vendor scorecards
  • Anti-fraud monitoring
Financial Processes

Financial Processes

  • Improper payments
  • Budget forecasting, planning and execution processes
  • Funds allocations, distribution
  • Travel booking and expenses
Human Resources

Human Resources

  • Recruitment and hiring
  • Payroll processing
  • Benefits calculations and management
  • Security background clearances
Mission Processes

Mission Processes

  • Inspections
  • Claims opening and closing, data intake, complaint processing, claims adjustments, authorization, payment processing
  • Grants management

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