Accelerate transformation with automation + generative AI.

Empower Business Teams

Turbo charge team productivity with automation assistants that can action any generative AI use-case across any system, from creating and summarizing content to sending emails and providing recommendations.

Accelerate Automators

Empower everyone, from professional developers to business users, to use generative AI to transform conversation into automation and expedite your idea-to-roi journey.

Generative AI infused across the Automation Success Platform.

Automation Co-Pilot for Business Users

Accelerate every process with generative AI embedded in any application

Automation Co-Pilot is now GPT-powered, enabling business teams to use natural language to request automations across any system, quickly generate personalized content, and summarize dense documents - right in their application of choice.​

Automation Co-Pilot

Automation Co-Pilot for Automators

Empower anyone to build automations with generative AI​

Automation Co-Pilot is now embedded in the developer experience, making it possible for anyone to use generative AI and natural language prompts to rapidly create automations and get best-practice guidance along the way.​ ​

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Document Automation with Generative AI​

Unlock and action data across any document type with generative AI​

Document Automation now uses the power of generative AI for fast understanding and extraction of data from an ever-growing universe of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured document types. More data can be unlocked and put into action faster.​​

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Generative AI Integrations​

Integrate with best-of-breed generative AI models​

Connect to leading large language models and embed generative AI into every automation, helping your teams - and your business - move faster.​ Choose your LLM of choice: OpenAI on Azure, VertexAI on Google Cloud, or Amazon Bedrock on AWS. ​

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Automate with best-of-breed large language models.

Leverage the industry's leading LLMs to best suit your use case—and change when you need to. The Automation Success Platform has been architected as the most modern, open, cloud-native automation platform in the market, making it the perfect platform to put generative AI into action across every system.

Ensure responsible use of AI.

Enterprise LLMs

Closely evaluate the models you choose to use. We suggest you integrate with top-tier enterprise LLMs with proven output quality and their ability to protect your data. 

Guardrails for Use

Building on the Automation Success Platform, allows you to create guardrails to focus users on appropriate use, keeping company and customer data safe across every automation. You can provide pre-defined input prompts in your automation workflows using Automation Co-Pilot.


Embedded directly in users’ favorite apps, Automation Co-Pilot not only provides employees easy access to generative AI, but it can also incorporate human oversight to validate the outputs AI provides and ensure it’s accurate.

Performance Monitoring

Implement automated monitoring and logging to track user activity and identify suspicious or unauthorized behavior to help prevent misuse, while keeping an audit trail for compliance.

See how automation + AI power the Automation Success Platform.

Generative AI

Generative AI can be used to Interpret and create text, images and content. For example, understand customer inquiries and generate intelligent responses in email or chat.

Intelligent Document Processing

AI will understand the context and goal of a document, and interpret data accordingly.

Process Discovery

AI tracks behavior to understand intent and extracts the process. AI then develops a process map to be used for automation development.

Maintain Resiliency

AI can detect changes in your automation environments. It can tell your automations how to adapt, or if the changes are dramatic, will notify teams to make adjustments.

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