Business agility starts here: Secure, scalable automation on the world's most-adopted cloud.

Scale your automation securely and with confidence with AI-assisted development, advanced intelligent document processing, and human-in-the-loop processes—all on an open and extensible platform. Get the tools you need for integrations to AWS services and access to pre-trained large language models (LLMs) through Amazon Bedrock and Amazon SageMaker.

Innovate faster to drive growth. Deploy secure, AI-powered automations at scale with confidence.

Put generative AI to work with the Automation Success Platform and AWS. Discover all the tools you need for complete process automation security and scale on an open and flexible platform.

Build AI-powered automations at high speed

Empower your teams to build complex AI-powered automations across use cases with the open and flexible Automation Success Platform. Use your teams’ preferred tools and technologies to build automations faster and easier.

Scale AI-powered automations with confidence

Confidently and responsibly scale your automation workflows across your entire enterprise with the Automation Success Platform on AWS. Keep your data and processes safe with the platform ranked as industry leader for strong compliance and resiliency.

Accelerate time to value

Realize the benefits of transformation faster with ready-to-deploy solutions via the AWS Marketplace. Speed the journey from idea to automation with a combined solution set from Automation Anywhere and AWS.

Ensure the responsible use of AI with built-in governance and security.

Responsible use of AI

  • Enjoy accurate AI operations and ensure system integrity with automation governance.
  • Use AI responsibly with the Automation Success Platform alongside AWS, featuring built-in monitoring tools to track AI performance.
  • Keep enterprise data safe with security measures built on Amazon Bedrock and designed specifically for large-scale AI use. These include checks for model safety, content moderation, and hiding sensitive data.

Secure at every layer

  • Keep your data and processes safe with a platform recognized for robust 24/7 security operations and resilience, with near-perfect uptime of over 99.9%.
  • Speed automation success with full compliance through built-in user access controls and systematic compliance checks.
  • Rely on proven compliance and trust. Automation Anywhere is proud to be HITRUST and FedRAMP certified, demonstrating our commitment to compliant cloud services.

Scale with AWS

  • Confidently scale with the power of a cloud-native platform, powered by the world’s most broadly adopted cloud provider.
  • Utilize the robust AWS infrastructure to reduce costs and outpace competitors in your automation journey.
  • Accelerate on your path to scale with pre-built ready-to-deploy automation packages

Futureproof your AI-powered automation strategy with an open and flexible platform.

Empower your teams to build complex AI-powered automations faster and easier across use cases on the Automation Success Platform.

Connect best-fit LLMs

Build the Intelligent Automation solution to best meet your business needs by establishing a connected ecosystem for AI-powered automation on the Automation Success Platform. Access best-in-breed LLMs through Amazon Bedrock—or use your own.

Speed automation of emerging use cases

Empower citizen and pro developers to quickly automate across use cases with a unified workspace for AI-powered automation to seamlessly incorporate API tasks, RPA, and human-in-the-loop processes to easily switch between different environments.

Sustain long-term automation growth / Flex with your business needs

Achieve sustainable, long-term growth for your automation workloads with an open, cloud-native automaton platform that is continually evolving with four releases a year. Seamlessly adapt your process automations as your business needs change with the Automation Success Platform and AWS.

Accelerate time to value, extract deeper insights, and increase productivity.

Spur business growth by deploying the power of the Automation Success Platform at lightspeed via AWS Marketplace.

Squeeze every drop of insight from your documents

Sharpen data-driven decision-making, improve the customer experience, and yield additional ROI with Document Automation, powered by Amazon Textract. Accelerate ingesting, synthetizing, and categorizing data from diverse sources, including emails and unstructured documents, with lightning-fast document processing.

Fast forward agent productivity

Enable agents to execute complex, cross-app automation workflows with Automation Co-Pilot, and on-demand, intelligent automation assistant embedded into Amazon Connect. Automation Co-Pilot effortlessly retrieves data from multiple systems without requiring agents to leave Amazon Connect.

Smooth the idea-to-automation runway

Go seamlessly from concept to execution through a combined solution set from Automation Anywhere and AWS. Via AWS Marketplace, quickly deploy Automation Anywhere SaaS solutions to streamline procurement processes, reduce contractual burdens, accelerate technical deployment—and realize the ROI of transformation faster.

Harness the combined power of Intelligent Automation and AWS services across industries.

Lead your industry by revolutionizing even the most stubborn process challenges with the seamless integration of AWS services and the Automation Success Platform. Unlock the potential of reusable solution components to automate a myriad of processes, from customer service and accounting to operations, healthcare, and financial services.

  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Contact Centers
  • Insurance

Get flexible, open, and powerful automation infrastructure to handle virtually any data management, regulatory compliance, and cybersecurity challenge with privacy and security. Automate complex processes, such as AML compliance and tax calculations, by deploying integrated solutions combining the Automation Success Platform with Amazon Textract, Amazon Bedrock, and Amazon Sagemaker Jumpstart.

Make a transformative leap in managing the increasing volume of unstructured data in healthcare. Amazon Comprehend Medical, Amazon SageMaker, and Amazon Bedrock combined with the Automation Success Platform can transform medical and after-visit summaries, patient message triage, and explanation of benefits to enable improving physician experience and patient care with the urgency they demand.

Dramatically reduce agent burnout, streamline processes, and slash average handle times by empowering agents with data-rich insights to deliver personalized customer experiences at speed. Start by automating repetitive agent workflows and add generative AI with Amazon Bedrock to accelerate triage and complaint resolution.

Propel insurance operations past the competition by integrating the Automation Success Platform with Amazon Textract and Comprehend, plus Amazon Bedrock and LLMs, to gain the precision to sift through complex data effortlessly for swift, secure, and compliant decision-making. Amazon SageMaker's advanced analytics further empower underwriting, magnifying fraud detection capabilities.

Are you ready for a new level of agility?

Find out how you can turbocharge agility with the secure, scalable Automation Success Platform running on the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud.

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Accelerate every Contact Center with automation and generative AI.

Financial Services

Automate client-facing processes with generative AI including secure account handling for balances, transactions, and opening an account, ATM support, member enrollment and credit card stoppages.


Revitalize healthcare operations with automation and generative AI for appointment scheduling, post-discharge follow-up, medication refill requests, billing and insurance inquiries, and provider referral assistance.

Logistics and Supply Chain

Streamline operations with automation and generative AI for shipment tracking, order status and confirmation, inventory availability, pricing and quotes, returns and reverse handling.

Internal Service Support

Enhance customer support interactions with generative AI. Automate support for travel expense processing, policy and procedure clarification, HR payroll, facilities maintenance requests, and retirement plan clarifications.

Customers scaling on demand with AWS and Automation Anywhere.

Customer Quote

The Automation Success Platform optimized our customer/credit process and inspired additional business process solutions across our other regions.

Milind Gawde,
Head, O2C & Master Data Management

Customer Quote

RPA has eliminated 70-80% of the pain our customers associate with switching EMRs.

Ryan Klepps,
Senior Director of Implementation, WebPT

Continue your automation journey with AWS.

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Automation Anywhere, AWS ink pivotal collaboration to reshape work enterprise-wide via GenAI-powered solutions.

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WebPT uses Automation Success Platform to increase data processing by 5x, saving over $700K annually

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Read customer story
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