Why did we create the Digital Workforce?

The best of human creativity and flexibility in partnership with the power and depth of RPA and cognitive technology.

The basics of the Digital Workforce

Digital Workers are the synthesis of otherwise disconnected automation tools — each with incredible value to advance the augmentation of human efforts.

As the first and only technology that weaves together RPA, AI, and machine learning to create virtual employees that are ready to deploy directly into the fabric of work, Digital Workers are the frontline of intelligent automation.

Why did we create the Digital Workforce? To give the human workforce the chance to use their ingenuity, creativity, empathy, and collaboration. In essence, the chance to bring their unique human value to the fore.



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What is a
Digital Worker?


How to download and install a Digital Worker?


What is the difference between a bot and a digital worker?

Bots—software robots—are task-centric; Digital Workers are built to augment human workers by performing complete business functions from start to finish. For example, a Digital Worker can take on the work of regularly submitting invoices through the system from beginning to end.

Rely on a bot to automate a task. Rely on a Digital Worker to enhance any job role.

Digital Worker → Think > Act > Analyze


What does a digital worker do?

Digital Workers are virtual employees that enhance and augment human work by combining AI, machine learning, RPA, and analytics to automate business functions from end to end.

Like a
human employee

Digital Workers perform multiple tasks in sets of sequences, such as systematically and regularly submitting invoices from beginning to end.

Pre-built, downloadable, plug-and-play

They are designed as pre-built, downloadable, plug-and-play digital personas, linking curated software robots with transactional, cognitive, and analytical abilities to emulate and connect with human workers.

Learn & proritize

Over time, Digital Workers can learn to prioritize certain business and IT processes, allowing them to operate in roles such as accounts payable or IT operations specialist with little to no supervision.

Example digital workers

Digital SAP Accounts Payable Clerk

The Digital SAP Accounts Payable Clerk automates recurring tasks like Invoice Processing, Reconciliation, and Processing payments against those invoices by implementing a combination of IQ and routine bots to create a streamlined workflow.


  • Identifies invoices from various sources and different formats
  • Extracts information from invoices and populates the data in a structured format
  • Uses the invoice data to reconcile against Purchase Order data
  • The Digital Worker also enables automated payments after it validates the invoice process.

Digital Oracle Accounts Payable Clerk

The Digital Oracle Accounts Payable Clerk offers a wide range of functionality within the Oracle E-Business Suite, capable of reducing time spent by AP professionals on tasks like invoice processing by 60% while maximizing accuracy (up to 100%).


  • Automates the creation of new supplier requests, processes address book requests, contact directory requests, product and service requests, and accounts payable operations.
  • Notes all the changes and transactions on the Oracle platform for ease of access and record keeping.

Digital Oracle Accounts Receivable Clerk

  • Reads incoming email following predefined rules, in the AR professional's account
  • Downloads the attachment from the email
  • Validates downloaded reports


  • Moves downloaded reports to Downloaded Files folder
  • Starts the Oracle VM Virtual Box
  • Logs in via Oracle Local Host URL
  • Processes AR Invoices in the Oracle Application
  • Generates Invoice numbers and creates Invoices.
  • Launches Oracle VM Virtual Box
  • Processes AR Receipts in the Oracle Application.
  • In addition, the Digital Oracle Accounts Receivable Clerk can generate NON-SO-based invoices automatically based on inputs from the accounting team

Digital Azure
IT Admin

This Digital Azure IT Admin supports an IT Cloud Engineer/Administrator in User Management, Instance Creation, and generating Utilization Reports for the company's Azure usage.


  • Reads a specific subject line from a Zendesk ticket and sends out an email to the registered email address of the IT Administrator.
  • Identifies the incoming request subjects on Zendesk tickets and using the same user communication process, resets an Azure password.
  • Additionally, it creates an instance utilization report for all instances in a specific region and puts the generated report at the determined path in your local system.

Digital Google Cloud IT Admin

The Digital Google Cloud IT Admin's skills include user management, Virtual Machine (VM) Instance creation, and generating utilization reports for the company's Google Cloud usage.


This Digital Worker offers simple yet effective automation to the recurring process of cloud VM instance provisioning and instance management on Google Cloud Platform.

  • Supports an IT Cloud Engineer/Administrator by identifying and extracting VM provisioning tickets on Zendesk.
  • After converting the ticket status to pending, the Digital Worker intercepts the information on the ticket and creates a Google Cloud VM Instance for the user.
  • The Digital Google Cloud IT Admin also automates the management end of the VM provisioning. Gathers the units of the CPU utilization of every instance in a project for a predetermined interval and generates a utilization report in the form of a CSV file containing the results.
  • Additionally, the Digital Worker provides Real Time operational insights for the utilization report dashboard.

Digital AWS
IT Admin

This Digital IT Operations Specialist supports an IT Cloud Engineer in User Management, Instance Creation, and generating Utilization Reports for the company's AWS usage.


  • The Digital IT Ops Specialist reads the subject line from Zendesk and sends an e-mail to the user requesting additional information.
  • Once the predetermined mailbox receives the data from the user, the Digital Worker creates an EC2 instance according to those specifications.
  • It also identifies the incoming request subjects on Zendesk tickets and using the same user communication process, resets an AWS password.
  • Additionally, it creates an instance utilization report for all instances in a specific region and puts the generated report at the determined path in your local system.

Future of work = human potential liberated

The workforce of the future will be a seamless blend of human and virtual employees, each enhancing the other’s strengths and abilities. Human workers will focus on innovation, adding value, and pursuing new skills.

"Human and machine—each on their own—won't be enough to drive businesses in the coming decades. Tomorrow's leading enterprises will be those that know how to meld the two effectively". —Accenture


“The idea of a human-centric Digital Worker that augments the abilities of our employees has the potential to be truly transformative. It shifts our thinking from what tasks can we automate to what roles can we augment and enhance.” —Ravi Konda, Senior Manager of Automation, Symantec


“Increasingly, intelligent machines—ranging from AI to intelligent assistants to RPA bots—are working side by side with employees to solve business problems.” —Forrester (“Reinventing Work in the Era of Automation”, August 2018)


“The new world is an augmented world where humans and bots work side by side, each doing what they do best. Think ahead 10 years—about 1 billion children will be born on our planet. Children that will see Digital Workers as the norm. We must get this right, not just in quality and execution but in ethics and morality as well.” —Mihir Shukla, CEO, Automation Anywhere

Automation anywhere

How a Digital Workforce accelerates your digital transformation

Realize the benefits of AI and machine learning from your Digital Workers’ first day.

Increase automation IQ

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Pre-built, ready-to-deploy Digital Workers implement AI into business processes 70 percent faster and at less than half the cost of deploying automation from the ground up.

Hit the ground running


Building bots from scratch is not necessary. Set a different pace for digital transformation. Digital Workers are ready to deploy and simple to scale, enabling accelerated business impact and digital transformation.

Can digital workers and RPA run on the same platform?

RPA is one part of the Digital Workforce equation. Like humans, Digital Workers blend multiple skill sets. RPA is essential for execution, but Digital Workers require AI and embedded analytics too. Digital Workers are made possible by the RPA platform that is architected for the Digital Workforce of both the present and future.



Error-free execution of structured business processes


Self-improving automation using AI and machine learning for complex data


Real-time operational and business intelligence ready to be applied, right away


Frequently asked questions about Digital Workforce

Technological advancements in the workplace have led to the rise of the ‘Digital Workforce’. Our human employees no longer need to be responsible for highly tedious and cost-intensive processes. Instead, new technology can enhance the quality and productivity of your workers, and give them time to focus on value-adding strategic activities like innovation.

Digital Workers are virtual employees that emulate the skill sets of human workers and automate business functions. A digital worker can perform complex tasks that might otherwise be repetitive and time-consuming for your staff.

Let’s answer some frequently asked questions about the Digital Workforce, the future of work, and how it can revolutionize your organization.

The Digital Workforce is a key part of digital transformation strategies. It involves a scalable team of robotic and automated solutions that combine artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The digital worker is essentially a software robot that can perform tasks as well (if not better!) than a human worker.

Digital Workers are prebuilt and ready to deploy, enabling accelerated business impact and digital transformation. They’re far more cost effective than building automation from scratch, and require minimal onboarding. The unmatchable speed and accuracy they provide will help you quickly boost your productivity and set you on the path to company-wide digital transformation.

One of the major benefits of a Digital Workforce is how it can make digital transformation more appealing to your employees. Implementing digital workers can improve the employee experience because time-consuming, monotonous, and repetitive tasks are assigned to a robot.

The Digital Workforce is critical in freeing up time that can be spent on projects that require human intelligence and create value. Digital Workers are the frontline of intelligent automation.


The primary goal of automation is to improve efficiency. The Digital Workforce synthesizes the best of cognitive technology to create virtual employees that meet your business needs, improve operational efficiency, and increase business agility.

RPA is the backbone of a Digital Worker. By itself, machine learning and AI can do great things - but they can’t emulate your human workforce and their workflows. To have a Digital Workforce you need to have a fleet of bots powered by RPA, which is the ideal technology for labor intensive, large volume knowledge work. By combining machine learning, RPA, and AI you can enhance business processes, and run an effective digital workforce.

A digital worker can provide end-to-end automation and augment human workers in their roles. They can be programmed to take on multiple business functions - some example use cases include:

  1. Chatbots that improve the customer experience
  2. Accounts bot that automates high volume tasks like payment clearing checks
  3. Sophisticated diagnostics spotting money laundering
  4. Fighting retail fraud
  5. Monitoring relevant metrics and creating reports for stakeholders
  6. In the IT department, handling user management, instance creation, and report generation.
  7. A digital worker in Supply Chain to check stock quantities and pricing.

The digital ecosystem is evolving and demands that humans and machines coexist in a symbiotic relationship. The digital worker is a truly transformative, yet human-centric piece of digital technology. Automating the repetitive tasks frees up your employees to work on more interesting tasks that require human know how, as well as ensuring these vital processes are done accurately and efficiently.

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