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Business and IT can now rely on secure RPA development with the only security framework for bots.

RPA security is ingrained within every aspect of the Automation Anywhere platform, and is now extended to enhance trust in bots. With the application of our bot security framework, all bots including those built in-house or procured from Bot Store, can now be deployed reliably with secure bot development practices in alignment with prevailing Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA) cybersecurity principles and best practices.

Automation Anywhere Private Bot Store

Drive rapid enterprise-wide automation development, adoption, and standardization with a secure internal marketplace that brings teams together.

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Automation Anywhere Private Bot Store



Bot Store Bots Reusability for Faster Automation

Read about how Bots on Bot Store are dynamic, reusable, customizable components that can allow business users and developers to quickly scale and expand on the functionality of their own bots.


Top 6 Downloaded Bots from Bot Store

With hundreds of bots available, Bot Store helps you automate almost any business process or business function across the enterprise faster. Here are the top six most downloaded bots.


Meet the New
Digital Worker

Digital Workers are downloadable, plug-and-play digital personas, linking curated software robots with transactional, cognitive, and analytical abilities to emulate and connect with human workers.


Revolutionizing your workforce and automating your business processes is just a click away