What are the benefits of automated employee training?

By using LMS and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) you can replace the many time—consuming, repetitive tasks related to corporate training. The HR manager can deliver training content in surveys, a webinar, quizzes, and even provide a first look at company culture without taking up a large portion of their valuable time. They enhance the learning process, too, since online training allows each person to learn at their own pace.

Higher Productivity Minimal Investment and Maximum Savings

Employee training automation eliminates duplication, prevents errors, and reduces the time and money involved in the development and training of employees.

Workflow Efficiencies Improve Training Programs

Identify areas of confusion, simplify processes, and adjust training activities to create better training systems. Employee training automation also allows you to survey users and collect feedback throughout the training process and beyond. You'll be able to address problems before they become a problem.

Faster Customer Service Call Handling Enhance HR and Business Processes

Information created for automated employee training programs can be made instantly accessible throughout the company to all employees. And if you integrate data collection with the information delivery process, you can collect and update HR documents in real time.

Seamless Communication Increased Engagement

While many people see bots as tools that reduce engagement, that couldn't be further from the truth.These can trigger any number of events, including meetings or check-ins when they're needed instead of just randomly scheduling them throughout the year. Issues are then dealt with before they become significant enough for the employee to leave.

Increased Sales and Upselling Stronger Loyalty and Culture

The best onboarding process involves a focus on connectivity between individuals and the company as well as helping them understand how their skill set maps onto their new role. This requires intelligent training management. When new hires feel knowledgeable, prepared, welcomed, and like they belong, they're more likely to stay loyal.

Customer Intelligence Gathering Affordable, Scalable, and Flexible

Start by building a simple bot and automating one task. Then, scale it up and add more bots with minimal disruption to the company. You can adjust and deploy them at any time. And when your organization grows or expands, your automation programs will grow and change with you. It's an affordable way to benefit from a Digital Workforce.

Reliable and consistent employee training automation for strong employee education

Set your employees up for success with automated employee training programs that grow and change with your organization.

Who benefits from automated employee training?

The advantages and benefits of automated employee training programs are noticeable throughout the organization and beyond. Employees will start new positions feeling better prepared and ready to take on complex or challenging tasks.

Telecom Call Center and Customer Service Teams
Human Resources

Automated employee training materials allow employees to access information and tools at the precise moment they need them. Chatbots and other AI technology can be incorporated into workflows to answer questions as they come up and act as an interactive guide to teach them new skills.

Telecom Sales and Marketing Teams
Shareholders and Management

Low upfront costs are just one of the small benefits of automated employee training courses. Automation Anywhere's bots integrates seamlessly with all the software and websites you already use. And because they don't require extensive coding expertise, you can get started right away.

Billing and Finance Departments
Operations and Compliance

Processes can change due to updates in the business, rules, or regulations, you simply need to update the materials in one location and roll them out. Then, use logs and records to help identify who accessed the materials and when, so you can ensure everyone is updated on the changes.

Tech Support and Telecom IT Teams

Well-trained employees are better able to provide just that. And the less time employees spend looking for information, the more time they can spend with customers, reducing the number of customers left waiting on hold. That's just good business.

NGA Human Resources taps into full automation potential with Automation Anywhere RPA


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How LMS and automated employee development can help your business

LMSs are highly flexible and beneficial programs everyone can use. These systems deliver information to individuals only when it's needed, rather than in large batches. As a result, you avoid information overload and improve learning, but this technology is so much more than just a training program. The result is a comprehensive knowledge base, feedback system, troubleshooting guide, and catalyst for change throughout an organization.

Telecom Front Office Automation

Employee Onboarding Automation

  • Deliver process, product, service, and company information
  • Automatically collect employee information and update HR software
  • Identify skills and natural talent
  • Deliver communications
  • Bring in-person and remote teams together
  • Gather word performance data
Network Management Automation

Automated Customer Service Programs

  • Use process documents for ongoing guidance
  • Chatbots and AI can walk agents through processes
  • Make documents available for instant access to customers
  • Identify inefficient or flawed processes
  • Use customer feedback to improve training programs
  • Assess performance and provide tips for improvement
Payments and Sales Processing

Employee Development Automation

  • Design learning goals and plans
  • Set up self-directed learning programs
  • Identify hidden talents and skills
  • Deliver assessments and collect feedback
  • Identify trigger points that lead to job abandonment
  • Stay compliant with refresher courses and certifications
Nurturing the Customer Lifecycle

Product Management and Service Delivery Automation

  • Share information about changes to services or products
  • Expand with ease by automating education
  • Deliver notifications about deadlines, changes, and meetings
  • Collect feedback and suggestions for improvements
  • Enhance mentorship programs
  • Deliver messages of recognition and achievements

What to look for in employee training automation programs

Automation software for employee development needs to be flexible. Quality employee training programs should be available to all employees regardless of their location. It should work with the software and websites you already use—whether that software is Workday or Slack, brand new or legacy,— and it needs to scale as quickly as you need it to. That's a long list of requirements, but that's what makes Automation Anywhere superior.

In fact, that’s one of the benefits of Automation Anywhere’s cloud-native RPA platform; it’s a cloud-based Digital Workforce. Implement automation where you need it, when you need it, in specific departments or throughout the organization. You never have to wonder if it will play nice with other programs.It works out of the box in many situations—a single automation platform that can do almost any task and meet all your automation needs.

How to get started with automated employee training software

Getting started with RPA and Automation Anywhere is as easy as signing up for a free trial. You'll have an opportunity to look around and see what bots are truly capable of when it comes to employee training automation and LMS.

If you're unsure of your Digital Workforce needs, you can get answers from one of our automation experts. They will help identify your specific needs, help create a digital transformation plan, and assist you in creating innovative, automated solutions unique to you.


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