Have you pushed the boundaries of what’s possible with RPA? Have you given your business a competitive edge with automation? It’s time you get recognized for your pioneering work with your company, community, or industry.

Winning an Automation Anywhere Award can help you:

  • Increase the reputation of your team and your company among your peers worldwide.
  • Open up new speaking and publishing opportunities.
  • Build your personal reputation as a thought leader.
  • Inspire and thank the people you work with, both inside and outside your company.
  • Challenge yourself to greater heights of excellence.
  • Get validation from one of the most innovative RPA companies in the world.

As a winner, you’ll receive:

  • A physical award designation for your company
  • A badge for your social media
  • Materials for a press release
  • A certificate

Award nominations are now closed

Thank you for submitting nominations recognizing your colleagues’ success and the value they bring on a daily basis.

What happens Next?

  • The Brand Council will compile all nominations and vote on winners for each category.
  • Stay tuned for the winner announcement in the coming weeks.

Any new nominations submitted will be collected and held for the next open award period.

Check out our FAQ document for additional details about the awards program.

16 Automation Anywhere Customer Awards Categories

You may nominate as many people in each category as you like, including yourself, your team, a peer, or a customer. Below you will find the details of each award and a link to download the nomination form to be completed and emailed back to customer.awards@automationanywhere.com.

Award Categories

Passion Awards Innovation Awards Customer First Awards One Team One Goal Awards Achievement Awards

Passion Awards Passion Award

Passion for Excellence Award

For an individual who goes above and beyond to take on a hard challenge and deliver an Automation Anywhere solution with significant impact. An “RPA warrior” driven by a passion for solving a hard problem.

Sharing the Passion Award

For motivating or leading a team to go above and beyond, taking on a hard challenge and then delivering a comprehensive or compelling Automation Anywhere solution that revolutionizes how your company operates.

Innovation Awards Innovation Award

Innovation Excellence Award

This award is designed to recognize the innovating or building of a world-class RPA program, feature, solution, or bot that displayed out-of-the-box thinking and resulted in rapid or substantial growth or expansion of operations.

Customer First Awards Customer-First Award

The Extra Mile Award

Given to an individual for going above and beyond to serve their end customer with automation/bots by innovating, building, and/or delivering the right Automation Anywhere solution, in the right place, at the right time.

Love this Human Award

An award for using RPA to deliver extraordinary service and build relationships that deliver an enhanced customer experience.

One Team One Goal Awards One Team One Goal Award

Driving the Team Award

Individual recognized as the strategic leader of a cross-functional team delivering on an RPA challenge that breaks new ground in an industry.

One Team One Goal Award

Individual recognized for driving a cross-functional RPA transformation journey across multiple areas in a company, resulting in outstanding growth.

The Automation Anywhere Brand Award

Awarded to an individual who promotes the Automation Anywhere brand and is often the external voice of the brand—a true brand ambassador.

Achievement Awards Achievement Award

Firefighter Award

Individual or team who used RPA to manage processes under severe constraints or to ensure a crisis was averted. Their achievement should show productivity improvements and/or substantial cost savings.

Go Evangelist Award

An individual who most promotes the Automation Anywhere brand or has built the most visibility for Automation Anywhere on social media platforms, within the press, or the world at large.

Automation Anywhere MVP Award

The standout, top-performing person/team that used Automation Anywhere last year to achieve outstanding growth in their customer base and/or revenue and helped a large number of customers achieve better results.

Circle of Excellence

Given to an individual for exceptional work and service that advanced not only their company but also the industry.

Go Be Human Award

An individual who contributed exceptional humanitarian work using RPA for the betterment of society, giving back, or AI ethics. Employs RPA to help save, grow, or improve lives or the environment.

Great Woman Award

A female peer who has devoted considerable effort to advance other women and who also achieved something uniquely great relating to your company, a customer, or the field of AI/RPA.

The Fly High Cloud Award

For a customer who created a solution for the best cloud usage of Automation 360.

The Automation Co-Pilot for Humans Award

For enabling the greatest number of employees in a company to use bots or bringing the greatest number of bots per human to your company to achieve better results.

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