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They’re out there. The director of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) center of excellence (CoE) of one of the world’s largest privately held agricultural companies. The head of human resources at a Fortune 100 enterprise. The director of a top global financial services firm. They — and thousands of other enterprises — have successfully applied Automation Anywhere RPA products to automate business processes, cut costs, reduce errors, and improve customer and employee satisfaction.

You’ve heard about the numbers they’ve achieved: 100% reduction in errors. 1,300% return on investment, $10 million a day increased cash flow. And other astonishing success stories. These are people who have been around the RPA block and have witnessed the transformation firsthand.

Now, we’re bringing all their accumulated RPA knowledge and experience together by inviting them — and you — to join an exciting new global community of Automation Anywhere users.

A-People is a community that will help you get your RPA questions answered, educate you on best practices, address implementation challenges, and discover all the amazing things bots can do for your business.

Because it’s focused on peers helping peers, A-People is much more than the vendor events, online support, and educational resources the RPA industry has offered thus far. For the first time, you’ll have a single place to go to connect with other RPA enthusiasts and pioneers — and Automation Anywhere experts.

For the first time, you won’t be alone with your RPA questions and conundrums.

A-People will consist of a members-only forum where you can ask and answer questions or join conversations of interest; a deep — and ever-growing — knowledge base of RPA best practices, techniques, and workarounds; and detailed technical documentation of Automation Anywhere products.

Some of the smartest people at Automation Anywhere will be a critical part of A-People. We'll regularly join conversations, answer the questions you post, and contribute content to help you advance on your automation journey.

And, A-People won’t just boost your business’s RPA success — it will help your career as well. Engaging with the global RPA community and both showing and honing your RPA expertise will do wonders for your future. Continually enhancing your RPA skills will ensure you'll be in high demand for the rest of your life.

Be part of it. Join A-People today and acquire the knowledge and peer support to excel at RPA. Watch as your business thrives — and your career skyrockets.

Be part of the
A-People movement.

About Rushabh Parmani

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Rushabh Parmani is a co-founder and executive vice president of customer success and operations.

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