For almost 30 years, Citrix has been a cornerstone of enterprise-class desktop virtualization. Today, enterprises large and small employ Citrix and similar virtual environments to host applications of all types. These environments help organizations keep infrastructure costs down and data secure behind a firewall. But this high-grade security brings with it a series of challenges for automation. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) vendors have struggled with accuracy in these environments for several reasons:

  • Citrix servers send an image of the application to the client; automation platforms do not have access to UI elements for accurate automation.
  • Changes in resolution and scale between host and client machines affect automation accuracy.
  • Changes in position of UI elements on the screen for web applications affect automation accuracy.

There is a solution: Automation Anywhere Enterprise, the most widely deployed Digital Workforce platform in the market. Through heavy investment in artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and computer vision (CV), Automation Anywhere developed AISense — a feature that uses intelligence to improve upon current, widely used techniques. The advanced capabilities and learning algorithms in AISense make automation in all environments faster and more accurate compared to existing solutions.

PwC tested the latest version of Automation Anywhere Enterprise (version 11) and was excited about the accuracy of the AISense feature. AISense is enabled in cases where standard object-based automation is not available or unreliable, such as applications exposed over Citrix, applications accessed over remote desktop, or legacy applications like Delphi, QT, or Flex.

The product supports dynamic objects and creates resilient automation independent of resolution, scale, and position of UI elements. In a recently published whitepaper, PwC highlighted what makes Automation Anywhere Enterprise the best solution for automating applications hosted on Citrix and other virtual environments.

RPA developers struggle with automation accuracy in Citrix and other virtual environments. RPA vendors provide varied automation solutions, with limited accuracy. AISense supports dynamic objects and is independent of resolution, scale, and position of UI elements.

Here are the benefits of AISense over other solutions:

  • Support for dynamic objects
  • Resolution-independent image recognition
  • Auto mode to search UI element
  • Image and text occurrence
  • Data burst
  • Bulk data extraction

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