Discover every process

Discover every process

Uncover your highest ROI automation opportunities. Crowdsource the best bot ideas and practices with Private Bot Store.

Digitize all your data

Digitize all your data

Double your automatable processes by turning any data in any document into a consumable digital asset through AI and ML.

Automate repetitive work

Automate repetitive work

Securely automate any process with Automation Workspace. Cloud powers instant automation at scale with digital assistants.

Adapt and optimize operations

Adapt and optimize operations

Fuel data-driven decisions and improvements with an accurate real-time pulse on every bot and critical insights on every process.

Get things done, faster than you ever thought possible

Turn time-consuming business processes into self-driving workflows. Make rapid transformation a reality with Automation 360.

Making digital acceleration as easy as point, click, cloud.

Powered by cloud, Automation 360 has you covered in the virtuous cycle of hyperautomation

Automate 2x more processes

Automate 2x more processes*

Automate more right out of the gate—from simple to highly complex business processes

Increase security, agility, and innovation

Increase security, agility, and innovation

At 1/5 of the cost* of infrastructure and maintenance of legacy on-premises and cloud-hosted solutions

Scale 3x faster

Scale 3x faster*

Compared to any other platform,with reduced setup, bot creation, and bot deployment time

A must read, one-of-its-kind, industry report

A must read, one-of-its-kind, industry report

Learn how top performers achieve 8.5x ROI on their automation programs and how industry leaders are transforming their businesses to overcome global challenges and thrive with intelligent automation.

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Leave no process or employee behind

Delight employees and customers alike with automation-powered superior experiences.

Back Office

Back Office

Turn complex manual processes into streamlined automations, reducing human error and speeding digital transformation.

Employee Experience

Employee Experience

Integrate automation into employees' day-to-day, freeing them from mundane tasks and increasing high-value productivity.

Customer experience

Customer experience

Increase customer satisfaction with shorter processing times, more accurate data, and better customer service and support.


It just took 3 weeks for small and medium-sized processes to be automated. The heaviest processes took only 9 weeks. The results were delivered fast, giving us the opportunity to assess the fast pace.


Ravi Konda Sr. Manager, IT

Tata Sky

Born in the cloud. Built for the future of business. This is automation, unleashed.

Automation 360 is a single, integrated platform that transcends technology siloes to automate business processes across all systems and applications, including SaaS and legacy apps.

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