Empower your field marketing and sales teams to automate on their own.

Give Sales and Marketing the opportunity to reach more customers and build client relationships by applying RPA+AI to automate time-consuming, manual tasks, such as lead filtering, updating a href="/rpa/crm-automation/">CRM , researching prospects, and creating quotes.

AI-powered RPA is designed to cut across data silos and unite fragmented processes across geographies, channels, and teams.

Increase revenue, streamline operations, and grow market share. RPA gets you there.

Align customer data across systems

Use RPA to easily automate integrating all customer and third-party data across multiple systems.

Shorten sales cycles

Accelerate lead assignment to close by automating everything from customer research, to quote creation, to legal paperwork.

Increase customer engagement

Integrate multi-source data for greater marketing campaign accuracy and more tailored sales interactions.

Increase sales team productivity

Automate administrative tasks and empower Sales reps with time to sell and grow customer relationships.

Improve pipeline performance

Apply RPA+AI to ensure leads are qualified and nurtured correctly and consistently to increase conversions.

Streamline sales and marketing reporting

Automation Co-Pilot works with RPA bots to aggregate data from multiple sources into a single view for greater insight.

Set up for success: Symantec experiences exponential growth with RPA.

Symantec’s global center of excellence enabled diverse teams—including Sales, Marketing, and IT—across 35 countries to quickly apply and scale RPA, and improve customer experiences.


It just took 3 weeks for small and medium-sized processes to be automated. The heaviest processes took only 9 weeks.

Ravi Konda,
Sr. Manager, IT Automation


Hours saved in less than a year


Increase in auto-booking renewals


Processes automated

Plug in RPA. Light up sales and marketing productivity.

Embed RPA within CRM and ERP systems

Embed RPA within CRM and ERP systems

Improve employee productivity with RPA bots accessed directly from CRM software like Salesforce.

  • Automate delay-prone processes such as quote creation

  • Retrieve data from multiple applications from a single screen.

  • Automate repetitive tasks including updating CRM data, researching prospects, and tracking down manager approvals

Automate data-intensive work

Enable employees to run bots straight from Excel and other reporting systems

  • Automate data-intensive tasks such as filtering leads and updating pricing

  • Generate cross-functional reports in seconds

  • Find consumer insights across multiple channels and data sources

Accelerate the marketing operations flywheel

Put the power of automation into the hands of marketing operations right within applications including Marketo, Google Ads, and HG Insights

  • Streamline field marketing reporting and create data consistency

  • Optimize programs and perform continuous market research

  • Automate integrated marketing campaigns by routing leads, tracking sales triggers, managing ad campaigns, nurturing customers, and more.

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Select an intelligent automation solution to support the many facets of your transformation journey including your workforce, integration with existing systems, security and scale.

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