Human Resources organizations are at the nexus of business demands and the employee experience. HR is challenged to deliver on both fronts amid accelerating change with fewer resources.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) combined with AI is designed to free HR professionals by handling manual, repetitive, data-intensive work 10x faster and with 100% accuracy.

Today, Intelligent Automation enables HR to automate repetitive tasks, access data from legacy HR systems, and enhance HR service delivery.

Streamline HR Operations: Automate manual HR administration to focus on the high-value HR initiatives such as employee development and analytics.

Accelerate Talent Acquisition: Recruit, screen, and onboard new hires more quickly and efficiently. Safeguard Employee Data: Ensure accuracy and completeness of employee information across the enterprise.


Sumeet Pathak, Digital Workforce Evangelist – IMEA, Automation Anywhere

Tim Hurman, Group Director of Transformation, Tricor Co.

Tim Hurman

Group Director of Transformation

Tricor Co.

Sumeet Pathak

Digital Workforce Evangelist – IMEA

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