Business challenge.

To create a quote, agents must decipher customer emails and log into multiple systems to look up customer data. In addition, complex insurance systems and diverse product offerings impact insurance agents’ ability to deliver precise quotes in real time, ultimately affecting competitiveness in a fast-paced industry.

The automation + generative AI solution.

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    Agent launches quote automation: The agent launches Automation Co-Pilot embedded in their primary application (e.g. Amazon Connect) which initiates generative AI to extract and collate customer data from emails and inquiry metadata.

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    Automated workflow: Automation Co-Pilot uses the data extracted by generative AI to retrieves data from insurance systems and property data repositories (e.g., Salesforce,, and SAP).

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    Quote creation: The agent reviews all of the consolidated case information and initiates the automated quote creation workflow. At the same time, automation updates data across systems. Generative AI drafts an email to the customer for the agent to review and dispatch.

Accelerate agent productivity with automation and generative AI.

Business impact

< 10 minutes

to deliver an accurate quote to the customer

Greater accuracy

from meticulous data handling by automation and generative AI

More agility

for agents to handle a variety of customer service tasks

Delight customers with easy, instant, and accurate insurance quotes.

Empower agents with the speed and agility of automation and generative AI embedded in any customer service application.


Customer submits an email to request an insurance quote.​

human interaction

Agent initiates AI-powered quote request workflow via Automation Co-Pilot ​embedded in custom customer service application.​

generative AI

Generative AI processes unstructured emails and extracts metadata on customer inquiries, passing the parsed texts to the automation.

human interactionautomateautomate

Automation Co-Pilot orchestrates data look-up and retrieval and brings it into Amazon Connect for agent review.

human interactionautomateautomate

Post-case review, the agent triggers quote creation workflow via CMS-embedded Automation Co-Pilot.

Automation updates data ​across systems.​

Insurance DBsap
generative AIautomate

Generative AI drafts custom email. ​

human interactionautomate

Agent personalizes the email before sending ​it to the customer.​​



human interaction

Human interaction

 Generative AI

Generative AI

 Generative AI

Automation Co-Pilot

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