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The benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are well documented. Adopting RPA allows you to increase the level of employee productivity, lower your costs with faster ROI, scale your business, and more. With all of these great benefits, it’s easy to overlook one of the more important and resourceful benefits, which is the accessibility to operational insights.

 When using RPA in your business, the bots managing tasks in your Digital Workforce can offer valuable data. That data can provide an inside look at how your operations are running and give you the necessary metrics and analytics to act on that data.

Sometimes, the operational data you get from your RPA platform can be siloed, with each silo having its own story to tell. Integrating all those data points will provide better insights into your entire RPA platform, which is why having the right kind of data presented to you in a way that can tell you the whole story is crucial. And that’s what an RPA tool designed to provide unified operational insights can offer.

How operational insights work

It’s important for your IT department or center of excellence to always be up to date on how your RPA platform is running and how it is impacting your business. The analytics and metrics, or operational insights, show you patterns in data regarding bot performance. For example, you can discover how many purchase orders you’re able to process in a day with your bots versus how many hours it would take to process that same amount manually. Or you can get performance data to answer the question, “Do I need to boost the production of my bots to keep up with demand?” Operational insights let you monitor the heartbeat of your bots, helping you identify your most valuable bots and keep track of which bots are failing and why.

But not all RPA tools offering those insights are created equal. To get the most value from insights, you need advanced capabilities.

Choose real-time operational insights

You want an operational insight solution that offers real-time insights so that you can stay up to date and get everyone in your organization on the same page. Through embedded analytics designed for RPA, you can instantly act on the real-time data presented to you, allowing you to identify bottlenecks when they happen and immediately correct them.

And you want a solution that offers a way to see in an instant, in one place, what’s happening in your operations. Having the insights in an analytics dashboard that is easy to visualize and customize will help you better understand if your RPA system is operating smoothly and if you are using the platform to its utmost potential.

Take the Automation Anywhere analytics solution, Bot Insight, for example. Bot Insight offers real-time bot health and performance monitoring and a one-click dashboard generation. Actionable intelligence through self-measuring bots makes it possible to closely monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of your Digital Workforce and turn that data into actions that will help streamline your business operations.

You can get what you need—quickly and easily—to make decisions that will help you improve your automation processes and maximize your ROI.

Get the Insights to Move Your Business Forward.

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