What benefits does RPA bring to supply chain management?

Supply chain management is an intricate business, with many moving parts across multiple organizations. Complicating things further, each organization has its own legacy systems, multiple data inputs, and manual processes. The current market, however, demands streamlined supply chain operations that can do more than track location and cost. This creates a rich environment for RPA use cases across your entire supply chain.

Reduce Planning Time and ErrorsReduce Planning Time and Errors

The ability to connect significantly dissimilar systems across your supply chain allows you to have more data on hand faster when making executive decisions about forecasting while ensuring your demand planning is accurate. Using RPA bots and AI, automating these connections will reduce human error and accelerate your supply chain process.

Enable Dynamic SourcingEnable Dynamic Sourcing

Use our software robots to track the costs of each item across multiple suppliers to get the best prices. Automate order management and use AI and ML to analyze and track geopolitical changes and dynamically change shipping options to avoid delays and extra transport expenses.

Streamline ManufacturingStreamline Manufacturing

Implementing RPA in manufacturing in conjunction with RFID and geofencing gives you the ability to automatically track inventory levels and locations in real-time, with far less human intervention than manual inventory management. Collect data from all systems to identify manufacturing bottlenecks and deal with them.

Delivery and Logistics SupportDelivery and Logistics Support

Use RPA and AI to sort items for shipping and match them to the most efficient delivery routes. With robotic processes to pull information from external sources, you can monitor traffic and deal with delays and logistical delivery breakdowns by rerouting deliveries or dispatching backup delivery options.

Reduce and Manage Return StockReduce and Manage Return Stock

With the ability to enable just-in-time manufacturing, dynamic sourcing, and automated delivery and logistics support, you will see fewer reorder and overstock errors, reducing stock returns. In addition, for those stock returns that must still happen, you can use RPA and AI systems to facilitate and accelerate them.

Enhance Customer RelationshipsEnhance Customer Relationships

Automation Anywhere's platform makes it a simple matter to create software bots that can interact with customers in several different ways, from education portals to request triage and self-service. Enable your customers to know more about the processes to be better customers.

Drive performance with supply chain automation

Get ahead of the competition when you create your own RPA solution using our online drag-and-drop, no-code solution.

Who benefits from supply chain management RPA?

Today's supply chain management is connected to more involved outcomes, like customer experience, quality of goods, and ultimately, your bottom line. That means all departments across the organization can benefit from implementing automation solutions.


Augmenting human employees while performing manual tasks, such as inventory and forecasting, allows you to enable happier employees and provide more value. Other duties, like stock, reorder when inventory is low, can be completely automated.


Tracking shipments and shipping methods in real-time is just the beginning of how logistics companies can profit from RPA + AI. These robotic technologies increase your efficiency and create logistics redundancies, protecting your liability and ultimately providing goods faster and safer.


As a manufacturer, knowing what you have and how much of it, how fast you're using it, are all critical considerations. Using RPA will make tracking all these moving parts a matter of reading automatically generated reports, keeping you on top of your processes and in the black.

Regulatory Compliance
Customer Service

Our automated robotic processes can help field customer inquiries, solve issues and educate customers. As a result, your clients will have their problems handled faster, questions answered in a more timely manner, and ultimately, a much-improved customer experience.

How RPA for supply chain management can benefit your organization

Making the most of Robotic Process Automation for supply chain management can be achieved through virtually limitless methods, only limited by the imagination and training of your staff. Here are just a few of the ways you can benefit from Automation Anywhere's RPA platform:

Back Office

Back Office

  • Automate data entry with data extraction and AI
  • Automatic invoice processing
  • Extract data from many different formats
  • Order processing automation


  • Instant notifications on inventory levels and bottlenecks
  • Dynamic providers of source parts
  • Vendor Selection based on geopolitical conditions
  • Live inventory levels and locations
Retail and Marketing

Retail and Marketing

  • Automatically generate purchase orders
  • Augment manual inventory with RFID tags
  • More accurate sales forecasting
  • AI-augmented marketing strategies
Customer Service

Customer Service

  • Chatbots for customer service
  • Decrease wait times for customer issues
  • Self-service portals
  • Enable comprehensive customer education portals

What to look for in an automated supply chain solution

At Automation Anywhere, we designed our platform to enable the people that do the work to automate the work. We give your front lines the toolset necessary to build robust, scalable robots. We provide you with a redundant, cloud-based system that you can access anywhere. We also built the first mobile app for securely managing your robotic processes so that you can create or refine processes from any mobile device.

First-in-class RPA systems should be engineered for ease of use, flexibility, and scalability. Because of our cloud-based systems, you get redundancy and scalability that just isn't as feasible with other self-hosted solutions. In addition, our intuitive, drag-and-drop configuration enables quick solution-building and rapid reconfiguration, so you can change processes at the speed of business.

Getting started with supply chain management automation

Designed with simplicity and intuitiveness, it is easy enough to use that virtually anyone can start making robots that add value to your organization. Enhance your workforce's capabilities by giving them access to our comprehensive training platform, Automation Anywhere University, to grow their capabilities to create more robust, overlapping automated systems with our RPA tools.

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