What are the benefits of digital assistants?

Business automation with RPA and AI is an ambitious response to inefficiency, and digital assistants are a strong solution. More advanced and more powerful than task-driven software bots, digital assistants are designed to be human-centric. While software bots can perform parts of a workflow, digital assistants work with their human counterparts to complete the workflow. The more advanced the assistant, the more business functions it can do.

Increased Business EfficiencyIncreased Business Efficiency

A Digital Workforce should be cloud-based, which means they’re accessible wherever your employees are, and on whatever device they’re using. It also means that collaboration between stakeholders is easier, reducing bottlenecks while still maintaining necessary security.

Reduced ErrorsReduced Errors

Digital assistants are perfect for tasks that require repetition and precision. Even simple, repeated “point, click, copy, paste” can have numerous errors when completed by humans. However, while the digital assistant is copy/pasting away, your employees can be focusing on other tasks requiring more creative thought and actions.

Higher Employee SatisfactionHigher Employee Satisfaction

Applying automation to typical mundane business tasks is one of the best ways to make the most out of your team members. It allows them to redirect their efforts toward strategic objectives without compromising the quality of customer experience or employee satisfaction. In fact, studies show that about 50% of business processes can be automated.

Enhanced Digital TransformationEnhanced Digital Transformation

Chatbots, AI-powered workflows, and bots like Document Automation that incorporate intelligent document processing are all part of the business environment and are essential assets for digital transformation. Many companies, such as Maximus, have found digital assistants to provide numerous benefits in this arena, saving over $2.5M annually with RPA.

Multiple WorkflowsMultiple Workflows

Having a digital assistant that supports you is invaluable. Using intelligent automation to collaborate and streamline multiple workflows in real time with other stakeholders is an even greater benefit. There are several ways to use digital assistants for this “human-in-the-loop” automation, but they all mean simplified and streamlined workflows.

Legacy IntegrationLegacy Integration

One of the benefits of digital assistants on a cloud RPA system is its versatility. Cloud RPA allows for the RPA system to integrate with legacy programs and systems and on-site, hybrid cloud, and cloud systems. This also means no downtime while a new system is built, allowing scaled adoption without disruption.

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Who benefits from digital assistants?

Including digital assistants in the ecosystem means automation is accessible to everyone in the organization, including business users—in the front office, back office, and even the C-suite.


Having a digital assistant to take care of some of the heavy lifting can be a game-changing experience for the marketing team. Automated email campaigns is a common example, but it brings higher efficiency to data gathering and processing, as well - one of the most time-intensive parts of marketing as a whole. If it’s repetitive, it can be automated.


Digital assistants can handle various tasks, from general processing to detail work. For example, thanks to AI and machine learning, a digital assistant can route outstanding invoices to humans when they require a judgment call, then resume normal functions once that judgment call has been made.

Human Resources
Human Resources

A workplace assistant can help guide new hires through each step of the onboarding process for their department. In addition, it can provide them with helpful information and answers, and enable self-service functionality. This makes AI an effective way to provide more efficient, easier team handling.

Emergency Services
Customer Service

Contact centers are notoriously busy, but agents can improve KPIs by working side-by-side with their digital assistants in data entry, task completion and customer service. Automating each stage - before, during, and after the call - helps centers service more tickets per day, while simultaneously providing a higher quality customer experience.

RPA helps power faster processes for Norwegian company


“We started small, but because of the great success of our bots, implementing RPA across the whole company now makes sense.”

- Eirik Østrem, Continuous Service Improvement Manager quotes


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How digital assistants can help your business?

The basic concept of business automation has different implementations that go from simple systems and workflows to complex ones. However, the main goal remains the same across them: empower your company by creating more efficient processes that can help you save time.

Invoice approval made easy

Invoice approval made easy

  • Achieve a more efficient, streamlined invoice management and financial process.
  • Reduce possible mistakes and get accurate data about account operations.
  • Accelerate invoice process automation and reduce P2P pressures.
  • Eliminate management and maintenance costs for AP processes
  • Reduce paperwork by quickly digitizing invoice information via Document Automation’s intelligent document processing.
  • Remove invoice approval backlog by quickly classifying, sorting and processing documents.
Fast employee onboarding process

Fast employee onboarding process

  • Improve the employee experience from day 1.
  • Easily collaborate between HR and IT to complete the onboarding process.
  • Get quick reports about onboarding employees to see how well they’re progressing and find bottlenecks.
  • Build a dynamic corporate strategy based on accurate data and predictive analysis.
  • Automate manual tasks to give HR time to build strategies for talent development.
  • Ensure 100% accuracy in data processing.
IT helpdesk managed efficiently

IT helpdesk managed efficiently

  • Automate account creation for new hires via a single form and AARI’s interface.
  • Speed up password reset by automating account research, password generation and emailing credentials.
  • Manage bot failures by choosing necessary actions from a single form rather than through the Control Room.
  • Quickly handle expired credentials by triggering RPA bots to automatically collect password updates.
  • Perform multiple user audits and review results from a single screen, reducing clicks and processing times.
  • Speed up application role provisioning, reducing the time to close each ticket.
Sales contracts at your fingertips

Sales contracts at your fingertips

  • Create, fill, sign and manage different contracts based on data provided to the digital assistant.
  • Update multiple contracts from a single form via STN identification for faster overall processing time.
  • Notify stakeholders when a contract is close to expiring and set for renewal.
  • Automate contract reviews and get reports on upsale potentials.
  • Interact with Salesforce bots through user-friendly, customized forms instead of error-prone emails.
  • Prepare Adobe Sign envelopes, including extracting recipient details from Salesforce, in less than three minutes.

What to look for in a RPA digital assistant platform?

Working with digital assistant support helps small and big teams to streamline their daily processes, boost team collaboration, and deliver best-in-class customer service. However, choosing the right product is key to a successful transition.

Digital assistants should run on a cloud-based RPA platform , allowing easy access and no additional IT overhead. They shouldn’t require any knowledge of code for your employees, only needing to click a URL to get started. Your digital assistant solution must also allow for easy collaboration between human, bot, other humans, and other bots. Full flexibility allows for easier, larger scalability.

Other needs should be assessed for your specific industry. For example, health industries require strict regulatory compliance for patient safety. In this case, you need to make sure your RPA choice includes safety measures such as process and information auditing. Consider all the areas of your business that need improvement and choose a tailored solution that fits all of those requirements.

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