Improve response times, reduce costs, and optimize processes.

Automate your complex back-office processes that involve tedious, repetitive, manual tasks across complex systems and applications. Intelligent Automation for back office can eliminate the high costs of labor, errors, and re-work—with a direct positive impact on metrics such as customer SLAs and cash flow.

Eliminate the burden of back-office processes with intelligent automation & AI.

Start fast

Start fast. ROI fast

Streamline customer account management including provisioning of new lines and services.

Scale on demand

Scale on demand

Minimize customer wait times by enabling support staff with agility to handle customer needs quickly.

Reduce costs

Reduce costs in back office

Automating network management enables telecom leaders to take organizations from reactive to proactive.


Automate labor-intensive processes

Apply RPA to expense management, payroll management, accounts payable, call center/service desk, and more, to achieve cost and time synergies and improved control.


Increase resource capacity

Deploy RPA to boost employee productivity and provide additional capacity to manage peak processing volumes.


Streamline operations & reduce risk

Simplify and automate manual processes, eliminate processing errors, and reduce operational risk.

WAM Group expects to save $1M with Automation Success Platform.

First automation in one week thanks to flexibility and ease of use.

Customer Story

With the Enterprise A2019 platform, Automation Anywhere delivered RPA-as-a-Service seamlessly, while dramatically reducing the cost and infrastructure barriers to automation. It also eliminated the friction we experienced with the previous platform to build and scale bots.

Rogerio Mendes,
Chief Information Officer, WAM Group


Predicted annual hours saved


Hours saved goal by 2022


Annual savings in next 2 years

Automate across all back-office functions and systems, right now.


Streamline your finance processes and improve cash flow

Close to 70% of Finance processes are ready to be automated (McKinsey). Apply cloud-native RPA to Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, Financial planning and analysis, Record to report, and more

Scale IT capacity—fast

Scale IT capacity—fast

Automate IT processes such as Asset management and tracking, Cybersecurity and alerts, End user support, and IT Ops to create capacity, maximize efficiency across systems, and enable 24x7 continuity.

Enable HR focus

Enable HR focus on talent and culture

Empower HR with a cloud-delivered Digital Workforce to take on the tremendous volumes of candidate and employee data. Apply RPA to recruiting, onboarding, payroll and expense management, and employee data.

Improve SLAs

Improve SLAs and create efficiencies in Shared Services

Automate labor-intensive processes such as expense management, payroll management, accounts payable, call center/service desk, and more, to achieve cost and time synergies and improved control.

Find out how to apply RPA to back-office processes.

Back office processes can be complex with tedious, repetitive tasks across legacy systems like Workday, SAP, and Oracle. Get a closer look at how RPA eliminates the high costs of labor, errors, and re-work across back office functions and processes.

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Transform back office processes and accelerate digital transformation with the Automation Success Platform.

Improve back office efficiency with a single ready-to-go intelligent automation platform to automate from process discovery to optimization.

See what’s new and learn from customer back-office automation stories.


Dell boosts HR process efficiency by 85%, with 30 HR process automations deployed the last year alone.

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Empowered to automate at every level, RPA propels Stanley Black & Decker toward $22B in revenues.

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IT holds the keys to business continuity. During these challenging times, IT leaders are using cloud-native RPA to help address changing priorities.

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The pandemic has changed the world of work. And HR must change as well. It’s time to rethink HR, with the help of intelligent automation.

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How is cloud RPA moving the needle on digital transformation in Finance and Accounting departments?

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Driving business continuity and creating resilience in Shared Services with intelligent automation.

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