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Robotic Process Automation Software

Automate. Discover. Win. Repeat.


Everything you need for continuous automation

Continuous automation
  • Record and edit processes quickly and accurately with our patented SMART Automation Technology
  • Lessen the time and cost to automate, implement, and deploy on virtual desktops, Citrix®, or on the client side
  • Manage, monitor, and scale across functions and clients through our centralized Control Room
  • Crowdsource new automation opportunities with Cumulus, a one-of-a-kind social sounding board that draws from your user community or account team
  • Document and define processes in the time it takes you to perform a task once with Process inVision, and reduce the cost of transformation
  • See more features

We know successful automation...

limitless automation

It's limitless

A product without barriers

Automation Anywhere Enterprise is loaded with features influenced by the experience gained from automating more than 1,200 of the most common (and obscure) technologies across more than 3,000 of the world’s largest companies. We’ve seen just about everything, and our product is built to ensure that even your most complex process requirements are met.

Fast automation

It's fast

Backed by services and support that sprint

Rely on a renowned services and support team that can ensure your processes are automated completely, accurately, and at a speed our competitors struggle to match. With a decade of experience, and more than 100,000 processes automated around the globe, we’ve got the formula to get you up and running—fast.

Connected automation

It's connected

At your service—in your office

Local matters. Our ability to be onsite with our customers on the same day they need help makes a huge difference – and more often than not, the person sitting across the table from them shares a cultural affinity that is hard to replicate at the other end of a Skype call. With worldwide offices in San Jose, Chicago, New Jersey, Boston, Dallas, Mumbai, Baroda, and Toronto, we ensure that our product operates without barriers—and our team operates without boundaries.


Robotic Process Automation Features

AUTOMATE with SMART Technology

SMART automation technology

At the core of your automation is our patented SMART Automation Technology which allows you to record and edit processes of all complexity, auto-generate scripts, and do it all without any programming knowledge required. What makes our robotic process automation technology “smart”? Its ability to not only adapt to, but anticipate your needs while using it.

Non-invasive integration
Ensure you’re pulling accurate, up-to-date information from any source your automated process relies on.
4 ways to automate
Via dedicated Web recorder, 575+ drag-and-drop commands, an object-based recorder, or image recognition
Object cloning
Capture underlying properties within objects, across any application.
OCR technology
Automatically convert images into editable text for more reliable automation.
Visualize technology
Provide a clearer picture of process workflows with visual illustrations that accompany each scripted step.

MANAGE with Control Room

Automation Anywhere Control Room

Automated processes that can run anywhere, on multiple devices, at any hour of the day require management to match. Our Control Room provides that visibility and control. From a single, centralized dashboard you’ll be able to schedule, track, verify, log, organize, and report on all automation activity, allowing you to maximize the benefits of automation.

Centralized task repository
House and access all automated tasks for all groups and clients in one secure system.
Centralized user management and security
Ensure the highest level of security for users and accounts via a variety of access controls.
Schedule Manager
Make your computer work overtime, running tasks independently at predefined times or triggered by events.
Centralized reporting
Get immediate insight for you and your stakeholders into all deployed tasks across the enterprise.
Task collaboration
Seamlessly upload, download, and share tasks on any machine.

DISCOVER with Cumulus

Automation Anywhere Cumulus

Discover new automation opportunities with Cumulus, a “social sounding board” where anyone in an organization can suggest manual tasks to automate, collect votes on the best, most viable automation options, and then seamlessly begin the automation process.

Curious about crowdsourced automation?
Try cumulus today.

Create an initiative based on overarching business goals, and gather suggestions for furthering that initiative
As users suggest tasks, the system generates an up-to-the-minute leaderboard, making it easy to identify and reward the most active “automation champions” in your organization, and encourage ongoing participation and innovation.
Automation ROI
Built-in calculators give you an instant idea of which processes will produce the most value in time and dollars saved, allowing you to prioritize those processes for automation.
Social Enterprise
Automation Anywhere has partnered with Yammer to deliver automation to your entire enterprise—through the social network built for the enterprise.
Empower your workforce to suggest, comment and vote for time and money saving automation opportunities.

DEFINE with Process inVision

Automation Anywhere Process inVision

Define and document your processes as you automate. Process inVision lets you generate comprehensive, step-by-step documentation and knowledge capture of any business or IT process in the time it takes you to complete the process once.

Single capture
Generate step-by-step documentation in the time it takes to complete the process once.
At-a-glance dashboard
View important process details and modifications without having to dig for them.
Visual output options
Represent processes via screenshot storyboards, videos, PowerPoint, PDF, or reports.
Friendly UI
Capture processes, then edit, add comments, and write descriptions to fully represent tasks.

Want to see how it works?