Zero-touch processes drive worldwide operational efficiency, saving millions.

Cargill’s global operations, spanning 70 countries and serving 125, are at the heart of the food supply chain. Disconnected regional processes propelled Cargill to adopt automation for more efficient operations. Key implementations included the use of robotic process automation (RPA) and optical character recognition (OCR) for order entries, handling 50,000 orders annually, and cleaning up over 268,000 dormant vendor accounts. Intelligent Automation has not only reduced labor expenses drastically but also transformed manual tasks into zero-touch processes. During five years of automating, Cargill has successfully launched 236 automation applications, significantly improving process uniformity and efficiency in areas like source-to-pay and order entry.

Automation can benefit the company beyond just FTE savings. It’s also Customer Satisfaction which is a huge opportunity for Cargill overall.


Bonnie Dallum
Global Intelligent Automation CoE Lead

Our accumulated savings to date is $19M, and from idea to project conversion we’ve captured 700 opportunities.


Bonnie Dallum
Global Intelligent Automation CoE Lead

Bonnie Dallum

Global Intelligent Automation CoE Lead

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Cumulative automations by FY2023

Solve cost pressures and business disruptions.

Unlocking employee potential through automation: Ricoh’s story of transformation.

Ricoh's mission to enable 'Fulfillment Through Work' faced roadblocks due to manual operations that were amplified by its global footprint across 200 countries, each with distinct operational nuances, compliance prerequisites, and business process complexities.

With a vision for change, Ricoh integrated the Intelligent Automation suite from Automation Anywhere with their existing Oracle system. They formed a central automation team focusing on high volume and manual intensity areas like invoice handling and customer order processing, while placing strong emphasis on security and compliance. The strategic move to automation facilitated employees' focus on valuable tasks, improved customer service, reduced manual workload, and enhanced overall productivity. Operating 60 independent automations completing a million transactions over 50 tasks, Ricoh achieved savings of €1.09 million and decreased operational time by 5,730 days.

Change management is a challenge in a big company. We need to convince users that the processes being automated will perform as expected.


Jose Ferrer
RPA Portfolio & Platform, Manager, Ricoh

Great pathfinder workshop in our HQ office in London. Very valuable outcomes with lots of inspiration!


Jochen Loser
Head of Business Transformation, Ricoh Europe

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Embracing embedded automation makes an outsized business impact at Merck.

When Merck embarked on their journey with Automation Anywhere, they did not anticipate the exceptional outcomes and size of the business impact that awaited them, including a staggering 150,000 hours saved and receiving the prestigious Global Regulatory Management & Trade Compliance Recognition.

Merck revolutionized document handling and regulatory adherence by embedding 17 automations into daily operations across 64 processes spanning 14 different countries. Through seamless automations interwoven with everyday processes, Merck significantly transformed business efficiency and regulatory compliance.

If a permit or a license is removed, we can't operate. Getting those processes automated has been a huge help.


Dr. Radhika Mahadev
Head of Robotic Process Automation, Merck Life Science


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