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Automation can benefit the company beyond just FTE savings. It’s also Customer Satisfaction which is a huge opportunity for Cargill overall

Bonnie Dallum
Global Intelligent Automation CoE Lead

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Optimizing operational processes to save time and improve customer retention.

TA global supply chain presence, Cargill identified numerous opportunities to optimize their operational processes in order to not only save FTEs, but also improve partner satisfaction and customer retention. One automation in particular that served as a benchmark in this area dealt with order entry. Cargill needed to address the myriad of ways in which orders were received around the globe—from email attachments to photos of handwritten notes, all in different languages. They developed a solution with a blended approach, marrying the use of RPA and OCR. The resulting automation was able to process 50,000 orders annually and saved Customer Service Representatives valuable time.

Another noteworthy use case within the Source-to-Pay business function was single-handedly responsible for $1.2M savings in labor. Over 150,000 inactive vendor records were maintained in the company’s system and the company needed a way to quickly and efficiently deactivate those files. A onetime automation was developed to read the list of records, login to the ERPs, deactivate the records, and finally notify users. Not only was this one-time bot successful, but they also developed another bot for continuous maintenance of inactive vendors that has deactivated 268,000 records in total. This has freed up a significant amount of employee time and transformed the task into a 100% touchless process.

Processes automated.

  • Global Vendor Deactivation
  • Order Entry
  • Invoice Processing

Customer overview.

Cargill combines 156 years of experience with new technologies and insights to serve as a trusted partner for food, agriculture, financial and industrial customers in more than 125 countries. They are continuously developing products that give consumers what they’re seeking and helping their partners innovate and manage risk, so they can nourish the world again tomorrow.

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