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Change management is a challenge in a big company. We need to convince users that the processes being automated will perform as expected.

Jose Ferrer
RPA Portfolio & Platform, Manager, Ricoh

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End-to-end processes automated

Ricoh's transformational journey.

In pursuit of its commitment to empower employees to achieve 'Fulfillment Through Work,' Ricohidentified the significant impact of manual processing on this objective. However, implementing automation proved challenging, given Ricoh's global presence across 200 countries, each with unique operational, procedural, and compliance requirements. Complex processes, like varied invoice formats and time-consuming data entry, added to the complexity.

To overcome these obstacles, Ricoh leveraged Automation Anywhere's customizable Intelligent Automation suite that was already compatible with its existing Oracle system. Together, they formed a centralized automation team to standardize processes, focusing on high-traffic, manual-intensive tasks like invoice processing, email automation, and customer orders, with a strong emphasis on security and compliance.

The effort to reduce labor-intensive processes delivered remarkable results. It freed employees for more meaningful tasks, improved customer support, streamlined operations, reduced manual workloads, and enhanced overall efficiency. With 60 unattended automations executing one million transactions across 50 tasks, Ricoh achieved €1.09 million in savings and reduced operational time by 5.73K days.

Processes automated.

  • Invoice Processing
  • Customer Service Support
  • HR Reporting
  • Service Request Emails
  • Customer orders
  • Supply chain management
  • Sales functions
  • Annuity and service functions

Customer overview.

Ricoh, a global digital workspace integrator boasting a workforce of over 80,000 employees across 200+ countries, specializes in digital workspace services and solutions, business process management, cloud and infrastructure services, cybersecurity, and more.

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