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We aimed to inspire a fresh sensibility through the experience of technology… we have been realizing a work style and workplace where employees and technology are integrated together.

Satoshi Kaminagayoshi,
VP of Customer Success, SoftBank Corp.

Customer achievements.

Customer Achievements


FTEs saved

700 hrs

saving AI Call Volume Prediction


reduction in recruitment hours


generative AI proposals from employees


reduction in mobile service registration

Transforming work at Softbank - from routine to remarkable with the 'digital worker 4,000 project'.

In partnership with Automation Anywhere, SoftBank embarked on a digital transformation journey to address a bottleneck in expanding automation after deploying Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in 2016. To overcome this challenge, SoftBank initiated the "Digital Worker 4,000 project," led by top management, aiming to shift the company's employees' focus from routine tasks to value-added activities. The company set out to save a game-changing 7.7 million hours per year, enhancing both customer experiences (CX) and employee experiences (EX).

SoftBank implemented Business Process Reengineering (BPR) to analyze and prioritize tasks for automation, emphasizing the elimination of inefficiencies. Using Automation Anywhere, SoftBank was able to successfully orchestrate many cross-functional business processes incorporating a variety of applications, including Office365, Google, Salesforce, and more.

In tandem, SoftBank invested in developing digital talent, training employees in RPA and AI, and equipping them to identify and implement automation opportunities. After the Digital Worker 4,000 project, the training and programs led to substantial employee engagement. For example, SoftBank held an idea contest for utilizing generative AI to enhance EX. In just ten days, the company received 52,000 proposals! This idea contest is now a regular company event.

The integration of generative AI in SoftBank's various projects is believed to be a significant milestone, driving innovation and contributing to the goal of end-to-end process automation. The Automation Success Platform is expected to play a crucial role in linking RPA and AI at the process level, further reducing reliance on human intervention and streamlining operations.

This strategic move not only streamlined thousands of hours of manual work but also paved the way for SoftBank to evolve from a communication service provider to a digital transformation leader beyond traditional carrier services. The company focuses on the internal utilization of technology before customer rollout. This ensures a profound understanding of the tools, which SoftBank can then extend to its customers, aiming to reshape the industry with its tech-accelerated approach.

Processes automated.

  • AI Call Volume Prediction
  • Mobile Service Registration
  • Recruitment Evaluation
  • Base Station Inspection

Customer overview.

The SoftBank Group is a telecommunications operator in Japan and a global technology player that aspires to drive the Information Revolution.

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