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  • Automation Anywhere and The Center For Humanitarian Technology Launch ‘Telegram For Humanity’ Bot To Aid Refugees In Ukraine

Relief organization automates humanitarian efforts for thousands of families across Ukraine saving hundreds of hours of manual processing each week

At Imagine 2022, Automation Anywhere, Inc. , the No. 1 leader in cloud-native intelligent automation, today announced a collaboration with the Center for Humanitarian Technology (CFHT), a nonprofit that provides technology and operations solutions to humanitarian organizations. Together, Automation Anywhere and CFHT are enabling a greater number of internally displaced people and refugees to receive humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

In collaboration, Automation Anywhere and CFHT created the ‘Telegram for Humanity’ Bot—a customized software bot, or digital worker for Step with Hope (Крок з надією), a Ukrainian humanitarian organization that provides aid to more than 8,000 families each week in combat zones and recently released territories in southern Ukraine.

The ‘Telegram for Humanity’ bot is automating thousands of manual requests for aid with increased speed and accuracy, saving the organization nearly 200 hours of manual processing each week. This is expected to free up Step with Hope’s 96 volunteers across 20 centers to increase their efforts of direct assistance for refugees, providing food, hygiene kits and access to psychologists, lawyers, and child welfare specialists to those in need.

“Members of our volunteer team are refugees themselves, and the ability to help other Ukrainians is our main priority," said Alla Semenchuk, Operations Director of CFHT. "It's critical and tremendously challenging work to find and manage the distribution of necessary resources for refugees and internally displaced people. The customized bot that Automation Anywhere and CFHT have built for Step with Hope is both refugee-friendly and volunteer-friendly—it makes application processing quick and transparent, saving human effort and strengthening the organization’s structure.”

As part of its Social Impact Program, Automation Anywhere’s mission is to fuel the future of work by empowering nonprofits and uplifting human lives through automation technology.

“Technology is all about human enablement,” said Neeti Shukla, Social Impact Officer and Co-Founder, Automation Anywhere. “In collaboration with CFHT, we are proud to support this humanitarian effort with life-saving technology that can make a difference to the millions of Ukrainians that have been displaced by conflict.”

"CFHT and Automation Anywhere’s collaboration to build a custom bot for Step with Hope has enabled us to provide humanitarian aid to a greater number of internally displaced people in Ukraine," said Inna Kampen, Director of Step with Hope. "Our volunteers and the families we serve are enduring the unthinkable. Having a responsive, user-friendly bot to interact with vulnerable families who are requesting help allows the volunteers to use more of their valuable time providing direct support, while spending less time processing and validating requests manually."

About Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is the No. 1 cloud automation platform, delivering automation and process intelligence solutions across all industries globally to automate end-to-end business processes for the fastest path to enterprise transformation. The company offers the world’s only cloud-native platform combining RPA, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics to automate repetitive tasks and build enterprise agility, freeing up humans to pivot to the next big idea and build deeper customer relationships that drive business growth. For additional information about our social impact endeavors, please visit https://www.automationanywhere.com/company/global-impact.

About the Center for Humanitarian Technology

The Center for Humanitarian Technology is a non-profit that harnesses the power of volunteer engineering, technology, and operations experts to optimize humanitarian organizations. CFHT develops, deploys, and operates information and communication technology to support scalable humanitarian emergency relief efforts. For more information about CFHT or to learn about becoming a partner or donor, please visit www.cfht.org, contact CFHT at contact@cfht.org, or follow CFHT on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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