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Suppose the virtual agents, the chatbots, for your contact center are underachievers. They’re failing to live up to their potential as the first line of interaction with your customers.

The virtual agents are trying their best. Working overtime—24/7. Never sick. Always humming along. But they’re only able to handle simple tasks such as checking account balances while complex interactions such as loan processing or transaction disputes require human intervention. Transferring customers to live agents can slow down response times, with the potential to damage customer satisfaction.

But are the virtual agents really at fault or just fall bots? Who or what is holding them back? Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion…Just kidding. Look no further than a legacy infrastructure.

Virtual agents depend on having access to customer information, which, for complex interactions, can be spread across multiple databases and applications. An infrastructure with disconnected or siloed systems can restrict access, limiting the tasks the virtual agents can complete—usually, only simple tasks that don’t require in-depth data gathering such as, as mentioned earlier, checking a balance.

Moving the agents forward

This week’s RPA Replay video offers a modern solution, combining Automation 360™ and Google Cloud Contact Center AI, to solve the siloed challenge and help your virtual agents become the hot bots of customer service.

Join me next Friday for more ways to achieve business success with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

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