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Time has been on people’s mind for centuries. “How can I save time in getting my work done?” “How can I have more time for my family, friends, and fun?” And people have thought of ways of saving time and making time. Of course, some of those ways have been a fantasy: a watch that stops time. A time machine that allows one to go back and make the time more rewarding.

But, as you know, in this blog, I’ve discussed the gift of time that is real and available now—in this time. Provided by intelligent automation.

Let’s review quickly: intelligent automation accelerates, streamlines mundane, time-eating manual tasks for work and even for life away from work. Examples? On the job: Moving stats from spreadsheets to a database, over and over again. Done manually: Slow. And painful. With intelligent automation: Fast. And effortless. Because a software bot can do the task, freeing workers for higher-value projects. Or just giving time back.

A time-eating task away from the job: Trying to find a product—say a brand of cat food. The supply chain crisis has made Tiger’s favorite morsels challenging to locate. Do you spend lots of time searching online or walking from store to store? Let intelligent automation do the job instead. Time and mind saved.

So, what will you do with your time when you put automation to work…and to home? There’s no time like the present to think about it, to get those mundane, slow, slow tasks off your plate.

Check out today’s videos for suggestions from our staff. It’s time well spent.

Time to save

There’s another side to Developer Evangelist Micah Smith. Sure, he uses intelligent automation in his technical role at Automation Anywhere. But there’s more. Watch his video and discover his other side: the savvy shopper and how intelligent automation helps him score the best prices on top brands time after time.



Time to enjoy sleep again

Think about all those restless nights, eyes open, worrying about whether projects will get completed. Brandi Ford, manager of our contracts operations, talks about how automation gave her the gift of a quick and efficient way to handle sales operations and contract processes. For happy customers. For quality time with her family. And a good night’s sleep.



Time for humans

VP Human Resources and Talent Acquisition Technology at Automation Anywhere Forrest Whyte shares his favorite gifts of automation, including putting the human back in human resources and improving the work experience. 



Time for a win-win

Intelligent automation helps make Developer Evangelist Lara Argento’s work go faster, with no errors. And that means fewer early mornings and late nights on the job. And more time to pursue one of her biggest loves outside of work—above exploring restaurants and her city. What is it? Watch Lara’s video to find out.



Time to take a break

RPA Replay will return Friday, Jan. 7. Happy holidays to all. If you want to learn more about how intelligent automation can save you time and effort, request a demo of our Automation 360™ platform.

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