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Here at Automation Anywhere, we believe in the saying, “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.” We understand the importance of planning for our customers, which is why we’re excited to announce our latest release so that you can be prepared to take advantage of all of the new capabilities and features.

Starting with a new name

Enterprise A2019 is now called Automation 360. The name has changed to reflect the evolution of the platform’s capabilities and benefits—with more to come—to help you automate more, faster. As the name implies, Automation 360 is the most comprehensive, AI-powered, cloud-native, and web-based platform on the market today. It provides you with every capability needed to easily start and scale your automation initiatives efficiently and cost-effectively—all in a single integrated platform. The Automation 360 platform consists of RPA Workspace (the only web-based solution for building and deploying bots), Discovery Bot to uncover and document business processes, IQ Bot to digitize structured and unstructured data, and Bot Insight for business and operational insights. The platform also includes AARI digital assistants, Bot Store, and Private Bot Store. And it’s supported by a rich technology partner ecosystem.

Get a jump on planning, testing, and developing

In this latest release of Automation 360, and as part of ongoing improvements enabling customers to easily manage their bot life cycles, we’ve introduced the cloud preview sandbox. It’s an add-on Control Room to give you, our customers, a preview of the upcoming Automation 360 releases. With the sandbox, you can:

  • Experience all of the new enhancements, capabilities, and fixes that come with each release.
  • Sanity test your bots in the sandbox to ensure they continue to work as expected and make any changes in advance if necessary.
  • Develop ahead by enhancing or building bots based on the upcoming capabilities. 

The cloud preview sandbox allows you to stay prepared and avoid disruptions in your business with each Automation 360 release.

Resolve connectivity issues

By performing routine checks, the new Bot Agent diagnostic utility will resolve any Bot Agent connectivity-related issues with the Control Room, reducing disruptions to your operations. In addition to the utility, Bot Creators can now sort data tables by string, number, Boolean, and date/time so that customers can process data in the order of their choice.

Capture more actions

Because the most popular use case for Process Discovery is documenting processes, we’ve enhanced those capabilities. With this latest release, Discovery Bot customers can capture more user actions and gain a more comprehensive analysis of their recordings. We’ve increased the display size of screenshot captures to be full-screen and reduced the amount of display time taken for each step in the process to help you see more and faster. In addition to these new capabilities, users can unblock actions such as “drag and drop,” “double-click,” “text selection,” and “click and hold” to make recording smooth and continuous. 

Work better with AARI

AARI offers new capabilities and features within the process editor and form builder environments. Process editor includes two new tasks: “filer task” and “process task.” The “filter task” can replace the manual grouping of extracted information or can be used along with a “human task” to isolate specific information for processing without the need to build a new bot.

This makes development easier and improves processing speed when you isolate specific tasks for separate downstream processing. The “process task” gives users the ability to separate tasks into different processes instead of including all the tasks in a single process. Multiple teams can now work simultaneously on different tasks within the main process and remain segregated without any conflicts.

Users building AARI forms can now take advantage of new drag-and-drop elements such as “select folder” to upload a folder and hyperlink elements to include a URL. This allows users to build more sophisticated forms that can pass files and link to other destinations, expanding the scope and complexity of use cases.

Plan and do much more with Automation 360. For details about the Cloud Preview Sandbox, reach out to your CSM or account representative or read our FAQ. To learn more about what’s new in the latest release, visit our release notes.


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