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The holidays are a time of risk—the risk that you’ll get something you really don’t want or need. Take the gag gift or, worse, the fruitcake, for example. If you don’t enjoy eating a fruitcake, what’d you do with it? The most common answer: Wait until it hardens and make it a doorstop. Or you could bring it to work and put it aside for the next white elephant gift exchange.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get something you could really use, especially at work? Something that could make your work go faster, easier?

Be proactive. Give yourself that gift—a bot. It’s waiting for you at the Automation Anywhere Bot Store. There are all kinds of bots ready to go, right off the shelf. And many packages. You can place your order from your computer. And get delivery online—no shipping required.

This week’s RPA Replay video focuses on the Bot Store.

Peek at what’s inside

Join Developer Evangelist Micah Smith as he unwraps all that the Bot Store has to offer and the benefits of pre-built RPA bots—to expedite development, to scale your automation program, to make your work less work. 



For a productive season and beyond

Learn more about why intelligent automation bots should be on your holiday list. Check out the videos in next Friday’s RPA Replay.

Time to Visit the Bot Store.

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