You’re thinking about connecting with a new technology partner for your business. Funny thing: Deciding on a technology partner has a lot in common with selecting a life partner.  

Life partner: You want someone you can trust         

Technology partner: You want someone you can trust  

Life partner: ...Similar interests and goals                    

Technology partner: Ditto  

Life partner: ...Good communicator and listener        

Technology partner: Absolutely  

Life partner: You may have to kiss frogs to find a prince 

Technology partner: Ribit and Purple Rain (Yes, frogs and Prince)  

Where do you find a partner?

Life partner: You browse the Internet and hear what people have to say

Technology partner: You browse the Internet and hear what people have to say

And that brings me to this week’s RPA Replay. Hear what two of our partners have to say about working with Automation Anywhere. See how we match up in harmony. Ultimately, whomever you choose, teamwork makes the dream work.  


A mind meld

Girish Pai of Cognizant discusses how the partnership with Automation Anywhere, the coming together of minds, is helping Cognizant deliver the future of work for its clients.



The power of a partnership in the cloud

How do you transform your business digitally, automating processes faster and more efficiently? CEO Thomas Kurian looks at the challenges and how his company, Google Cloud, and Automation Anywhere are helping businesses succeed.


Connect with me next Friday for more RPA Replay videos on the power of intelligent automation to transform your business.

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