The benefits of front office automation

Automation Anywhere RPA helps inbound and outbound front offices increase revenue, decrease operational costs and increase customer satisfaction.

With intelligent automation, front offices can scale automation beyond specific tasks to automate end-to-end business processes. RPA facilitates the customer experience by relieving agents of tedious, time-consuming tasks to focus on the customer interaction at hand. This improves Average Handle Time (AHT), First call Resolution rate (FCR), and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores.

Integrate and connect front-office systems

Automate modern and legacy applications with RPA without replacing the underlying infrastructure. With RPA, connect systems and apps to achieve the efficiency and productivity of a modern enterprise.

Business continuity from anywhere

Prepare for unforseen events such as COVID-19 with a Digital Workforce that helps remote workers access customer data, service customers efficiently, and manage system and process changes with minimal impact to process - while maintaining security and compliance requirements.

Increase NPS and CSAT

Increase productivity and empower agents to concentrate on the customer experience with bots to manage and execute repetitive front-office tasks across multiple people, processes, and systems.

Reduce average call handle time (AHT)

RPA eliminates the need to search for data from multiple applications, and automates error-prone manual data entry, reducing average call handle time by over 30%.

Protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Limit daily privacy risk and control access to confidential systems with PII data. RPA provide remote agents with just the information they need, on a single custom screen.

Front office automation yields 1300% roi for Bancolombia


We have achieved a 50% increase in customer service efficiency in the branches where front office automation has been implemented.

Jorge Ivan Otalvaro, VP Service Delivery and Operations, Bancolombia


ROI with RPA


Income from new revenue streams


Reduction in provisioning costs


Hours freed per year in branches

Seamlessly integrate productivity and front office applications, bringing automation to your everyday workflows.

Integrate Automation Anywhere with commonly used applications to trigger automations based on agent action, IVR sequence, application event, after-call work requirement, and more.

RPA bots for Salesforce.
Salesforce users can run and manage their entire process from within Salesforce, without having to toggle between different applications.

RPA bots for G Sheets.
Run and manage automation, and validate data directly from G Sheets, with an Automation Anywhere toolbar embedded within G Sheets.

RPA Bots for Excel.
Run and manage automation, and validate data directly from Excel, with an Automation Anywhere ribbon embedded within Excel.

Integrate with any Contact Center Software.
Start process automations from any predefined IVR event, agent action, and more.


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