Think quick. Apply RPA+AI to realize the benefits of automation right now.

Pivot and invent processes

Pivot and invent processes. RPA bots are flexible and easy for business users to apply across all applications, including legacy systems.

Automate complex processes

Automate complex processes. Use intelligent bots to extract unstructured information to drive end-to-end process automation.

Adapt and respond right away

Adapt and respond right away. Leverage pre-built bots that have already been field tested to address COVID-19 business challenges.

Improve accuracy and compliance

Improve accuracy and compliance. RPA+AI delivers 100% consistent execution, making it ideal for highly regulated processes.

Reduce manual touch points

Reduce manual touch points. Eliminate errors and future-proof adaptability by automating business processes.

Immediate business insight

Immediate business insight. Rely on Digital Workers to provide timely data for critical business decisions.

NHS eliminates oxygen supply risk with rapid application of intelligent automation

Quick collaboration meant an RPA bot was ready to automate the manual oxygen supply monitoring process within just 12 hours of the initial kick off meeting.

Hugo Mathias

Automating the collection and sharing of data has given valuable hours back and increased confidence that we can offer the best level of patient care.

– Hugo Mathias, Chief Information Officer quotes


monitoring of oxygen levels without human intervention


hours of capacity redirected to value-added services


data input accuracy, eliminating clinical risk

Where is business applying RPA today?

COVID-19 brought once far-off strategic business initiatives into stark focus. Powerful yet simple intelligent automation tools make them easy to tackle.

Expand automation across the value chain

Expand automation across the value chain

RPA is immune to digital siloes. Digital Workers move seamlessly between systems, applications, and employees—eliminating the barriers between front and back office.

  • Get real-time analysis and AI-driven decision-making for smarter supply chains
  • Collate data from multiple sources, including unstructured information like in PDFs
  • Handle high order volume with 100% accuracy as well as track orders and delivery dates to manage inventory
Let cloud + AI eliminate your business process backlog

Let cloud + AI eliminate your business process backlog

Power through business processes with cloud-native hyperautomation that combines intelligent automation with the flexibility and access of cloud. Start instantly and discover what and how to automate on the spot.

  • Gain new workforce capacity by automating manual processes
  • Optimize legacy resources and relieve technology infrastructure strain
  • Automate as much as possible by empowering business users with RPA
Speed up non-negotiable digital transformation

Speed up non-negotiable digital transformation

Intelligent Digital Workers make it possible for data and systems that have never met to communicate seamlessly and cooperate for end-to-end automation—instantly.

  • Automate access to real-time data and enable rapid impact and risk assessments
  • Digitize data across business processes and functions
  • Gain complete visibility into system performance with process-level insights

COVID-19 RPA tools and resources for everyone

Automation Anywhere bots

Take advantage of free RPA bots to help you navigate COVID-19 business challenges.

Automation Anywhere bots Automation Anywhere bots
Automation Anywhere bots


Find the right intelligent automation tools to compete in a redefined global market.

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Automation Anywhere COVID-19 response

Hear what we are doing to support our customers and the community during COVID-19 and beyond.

Automation Anywhere COVID-19 response Automation Anywhere COVID-19 response
Automation Anywhere COVID-19 response

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