Break through operational stagnation with the help of a Digital Workforce

RPA gives BPO organizations the capacity to remain competitive and profitable in an ever-evolving business climate. Leverage a Digital Workforce of RPA bots to stay ahead of the competition, lower operating costs, and achieve revenue growth—all at once.

Count on the benefits of RPA to improve operations, increase productivity, and fuel growth

business process

Reduce operating costs.

Automate with AI-powered RPA to cut operating costs by 25%-50%.

Reduce costs

Eliminate errors.

Automate data-intensive, repetitive tasks with RPA and zero-out error rates.

resilient supply chain

Automate across every system.

RPA works seamlessly with any business system, from legacy to the latest.

Increase go-to-market speed

Ensure data security.

RPA handles sensitive information with 100% accuracy for full compliance.

access real-time data

Increase productivity and drive growth.

RPA enables teams to get more done and focus on high-value work.

customer experience

Improve customer experience.

Meet SLAs by automating processes to enable agents to focus on the customer.

access real-time data

Stay a step ahead.

Get bandwidth to pursue strategic initiatives and innovate on operations, products and services.

customer experience

Cloud elasticity.

Multi-tenant, cloud-native, RPA provides
secure distributed access and on-demand scale, instantly.

OSV pivots processes to support covid-19 tax
changes within 4 days with RPA

Intelligent automation enabled OSV to lead the market with rapid support for government tax relief programs

Automation Anywhere has proven time and again why they are a leader in the market. COVID-19 has created a situation no one globally was prepared for. Our ability to be very nimble and rapidly support a government tax relief program within four days was truly market leading.

– Cay Gliebe, SVP Marketing and Product Management at OSVProcess Owner


in tax credits and deferrals processed by bots


of cases completed by bots


hours saved in 3 months

Bots for BPO means non-stop productivity and
newfound business agility

Contact Center Automation

Attended automation enables agents to focus on the customer while bots do the data legwork and seek approvals. For remote agents, bots can deliver right-size information and step-by-step guidance in a single screen to control access to confidential systems and reduce error and fraud rates.

RPA for Back-Office Processes

RPA enables BPO to execute core business operations for customers—whether in accounting, payment processing, IT services, human resources, regulatory compliance, and quality assurance—with 24/7 availability and 100% accuracy and compliance.

Front-Office Augmentation

Automating manual tasks across outsourced front office services, including customer communications, marketing, and sales, fuels customer satisfaction by increasing the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of service delivery.

Empower Differentiated Solutions

Intelligent automation helps transform BPO operations and service delivery to be more nimble and flexible, and at the same time allows teams to regain bandwidth toward creating innovative solutions to address emerging customer and market needs.

Before and after. Read RPA makeover stories in BPO

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Case Study

R1 securely automates more than 15
million tasks each year in the healthcare
industry with Automation Anywhere

Case Study

Case Study

RPA saves NGA HR 13,000 hours a year executing HR and payroll processes for its customers

Case Study
Treasury One

Case Study

Treasury One doubles-down on delivering value-added services, using RPA to gain 3,500+ hours to focus on CSAT

Case Study

BPO automation from start to scale



3 ways BPOs can address COVID-19
health and safety, restore service
delivery, and maintain service levels.



Attended RPA helps customer contact centers cut AHT and wait times, enabling agents to help more people than before.



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