What are the benefits of service desk automation?

There’s a good chance a service desk team survey would show that most of the workday is devoted to managing their ticketing process rather than IT issues. With help desk automation , ticket routing is built into the automated workflow, resulting in a better experience for end-users and your support team.And while the most profound benefits of an automated IT service desk impact your service desk agents and their callers, help desk automation impacts are wide-reaching, including:

Higher ProductivityImproved Performance Metrics

AARI's ticket routing system improves your metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). Help desk automation allows you to better track your metrics to find areas for improvement and automates the ticketing system by routing the ticket and updating the ticket status for a more productive IT team.

Workflow EfficienciesSelf-Service Template Creation

Intelligent automation turns your ITSM into a tool to empower all users, including non-IT employees. For example, AARI eliminates the need for unnecessary support tickets with chatbots that can walk users through the most common issues, including password resets and software issue troubleshooting.

Faster Customer Service Call HandlingSimplified Onboarding

When new team members join your team, your automated IT help desk can input the new employees' information into your system for the automatic generation of emails and account creation. This eliminates this repetitive task from your IT team's workflow.

Seamless CommunicationStress-Free System Updates

Software and system updates can be a nightmare for IT support agents. However, with AARI, your team can proactively train IQ Bots to resolve issues that commonly arise from these updates.

Increased Sales and UpsellingAutomatic Employee Data Updates

Often in-house software requires user data updates. Before help desk automation, these updates would have been performed manually by IT team members. With IQ Bots, this is one more task that can be automated.

Customer Intelligence GatheringDaily Reports and Skill Optimization

There's no need to run end-of-day reports manually. Automation Anywhere's ITSM generates daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reports. Not only does this allow you to better understand how your team is responding to customer requests, but it allows you to track individual team members' performance to better utilize their time and skills.

Automation for a better IT service desk workflow

Reward your IT help desk team and yourself with help desk automation that adapts to their needs.

Who benefits from an automated service desk?

An automated help desk is more than just help desk software; it's an entire Digital Workforce with a holistic approach to your company's health. AARI improves KPIs with quicker ticket resolution through chatbots and automatic troubleshooting for IT teams.

Telecom Call Center and Customer Service Teams
IT Help Desk Staff

With user-programmed bots and intelligent automation, your IT service team can quickly design and implement solutions to IT tasks. With bots performing menial tasks, your IT help desk team can help more people with more complex issues with a shorter wait time.

Telecom Sales and Marketing Teams
General Staff

When your staff becomes hung up with a tech issue they cannot solve on their own, their productivity slows. With chatbots and IQ Bots, your general staff can find solutions faster using self-service portals.

Billing and Finance Departments

For IT help desk service providers, AARI is a way to fast-track better customer service satisfaction. With the automatic routing of preloaded customer data, your IT staff can provide support and assistance seamlessly.

Tech Support and Telecom IT Teams
Back Office Employees

Your back office team relies on software to perform their jobs. With optimized IT support and help desk automation, you can count on less downtime for your human resources, accounting, and other operational teams.

TaskUs crushes AHT goals and improves customer satisfaction with Automation 360 & AARI

Andrew Davies

"Within one month, we developed and deployed AARI and quickly demonstrated value by simplifying tasks for our frontline and efficiency gains for our clients.”

Manish Pandya, SVP of Digital Transformation, TaskUs quotes


Increase in ticket processing capacity reducing defects


Teammates supported by AARI


Improvement over AHT target

How service desk automation can help your business

Of course, improving the work environment and IT help desk morale benefits your team and customers, but service desk automation can also benefit your business performance. With rapid solutions to arising IT issues and automated fixes to bots and software updates, your entire team performs at its peak. This increases revenue, leads to easier scaling, and provides greater insight into your business systems.

Telecom Front Office Automation

Service Requests

  • Divert easy fixes through chatbots and self-service portals
  • Automate routing for less time spent managing ticket statuses
  • Solution standardization through automation
  • Quicker response times for complex IT problems
  • Higher KPIs through more straightforward issue resolution
  • Better fulfillment of SLAs
Network Management Automation

Onboarding & Offboarding

  • Automate new employee account creation
  • Generate a temporary password for password creation
  • Automatically create user profiles for new employee software
  • Purge and exclude offboarded employees automatically from the network
  • Provide new employee IT assistance with chatbots
  • Streamline new employee software orientation and training
Payments and Sales Processing

Metrics and Data Management

  • Reduce or eliminate human error in data input
  • Automated ticket routing provides accurate ticket timeline
  • Find roadblocks in workflow
  • Better assess employee productivity
  • Promote or reallocate employees based on accurate metrics
  • Set data-backed performance standards
Nurturing the Customer Lifecycle

Software Updates

  • Less manual effort required for software update assistance
  • Updates initiate automatically after work hours
  • Remedy common software update issues with chatbots
  • Assess and address software update compatibility problems
  • Automate new software training
  • Seamless and accurate data transfers and merges

What to look for in help desk automation software

You and many others rely on your IT Help Desk. Because they are vital to the health of your company, you want to ensure you invest in the best help desk automation system for their needs. Keep in mind that your IT service desk team is only as productive as the automation software they are given.

When shopping for help desk automation, look for intelligent automation capabilities. This ensures your RPA software can be tailored to your team's unique needs. Artificial intelligence allows your team's software to intuit solutions and build bots based on learning your team's system.

In addition to artificial intelligence-driven robotic process solutions, you want to be sure that your help desk automation software offers a user-friendly dashboard. If your company offers help desk contracting, be sure the dashboard and user interface are good fits for your IT service management specs.

How to get started with help desk automations

Automation Anywhere also offers free live demos of automated programs. We will walk you through how our RPA products work and how they can improve the effectiveness of your IT help desk team.

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