What are the benefits of RPA for IT security?

RPA bots have become quintessential in Enterprise resource planning (ERP) to guarantee security best practices. With artificial intelligence, bots can protect your business from unauthorized digital access. This safeguards your employees, customers, and reputation. With Automation Anywhere, you can rest assured that criminals cannot access sensitive data or employ malware to weaken your enterprise's digital armor.

Secure Sensitive DataSecure Sensitive Data

RPA keeps personal and credit card information out of the wrong hands. With 2-step authentication backed by RPA software, your institution or enterprise can stay in compliance with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FISMA, or FERPA.

Prevent Infiltration Due to Human ErrorPrevent Infiltration Due to Human Error

Post-pandemic remote workforces have increased the potential risk for human-error-caused cyber threats. This is often caused by working on unsecured networks, accidentally downloading malware, and unknowingly granting harmful permissions. RPA technology can learn how to respond then automate the prevention of these threats.

Better Access Control for Company SystemsBetter Access Control for Company Systems

Adding secure RPA throughout company workflows can reduce the number of users with privileged access to your company systems. With Automation workspace, bots work diligently to eliminate repetitive tasks that require more user logins for better risk management.

Instantaneously Shut Down Cyber ThreatsInstantaneously Shut Down Cyber Threats

With artificial intelligence-powered bot threat detection, threats are shut down instantly. Bots can immediately alert your IT security team to more severe threats and create stricter security controls.

100% Accurate Activity Logging100% Accurate Activity Logging

RPA cybersecurity bots can record human and bot actions regarding that data in a log to create an audit trail. As a result, your enterprise can streamline the compliance process with a record of all activity.

Prevent Data LossPrevent Data Loss

RPA bots can be programmed to monitor data flow through a network and detect any loss. The bot can request that security measures be promptly deployed to stop the leak and prevent unauthorized access when it finds lost data.

With RPA, security risks to your company become instantly ineffective

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Who benefits from RPA for IT security?

Nearly every enterprise can benefit from RPA implementation for IT security. From preventing data leakage to stopping your company from becoming the next victim of ransomware, RPA bots identify and prevent the gambit of digital security risks.

IT Department
IT Department

With bots and other automation handling repetitive tasks such as monitoring software updates and access controls, IT teams can focus on higher-value work, such as analyzing security risks and providing more robust customer service.

Human Resources
Human Resources

HR departments must stay vigilant against identity fraud and identity theft with digital workforces. For example, software bots can restrict access to sensitive data within a corporate system, allowing only authorized users to enter the system.

Accounting and Finances
Accounting and Finances

Your employees' payroll information and your business's financials can be just a copy-and-paste away from cyber theft. Software bots shut down potential risks and verify permissions.

Records and Billing
Records and Billing

RPA bots securely and accurately perform tasks with sensitive patient information for healthcare providers and medical industry companies.

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How RPA for IT security can help your business

As your business adapts to the new reality of the digital world, it can be challenging to stay current with security best practices. Bots can be a critical part of cybersecurity strategies, helping to provide 24/7, year-round security coverage and reducing human error that can delay essential security updates. RPA also empowers your team to develop bots unique to your business to protect assets while protecting your customers and employees.

Limit Unauthorized Access

Limit Unauthorized Access

  • Reduce the number of privileged access logins
  • Increase authentication measures
  • Report suspicious activities to IT security
  • Safeguard remote workspaces
  • Cloud-based RPA security responds quickly
  • Prevent human-error related password theft
Remote Orchestration & Cloud-Based RPA Platform

Remote Orchestration & Cloud-Based RPA Platform

  • IT security teams can deploy bots anywhere
  • Cybercriminals cannot target physical IT infrastructure
  • Responds promptly to disasters
  • Lowers RPA security risks
  • Safeguards bot credentials
  • Reduces risk of security bot code theft
Digital Security Systems for Scaling

Digital Security Systems for Scaling

  • Intelligent bots scale as businesses grow
  • RPA predicts security threats associated with increased revenue
  • Artificial intelligence allows for securely managed hiring
  • Bots fill IT security roles while searching for candidates
  • Allow for best data management practices for the future
  • OCR maintains limited access to customer & patient information
Employee Created RPA Bots for Security

Employee Created RPA Bots for Security

  • Bots tailored to unique company needs
  • Unique user-created code makes bots more secure
  • RPA reduces repetitive logins
  • Empower employees to define and identify security risks
  • Bot creation in response to historical and real-life threats
  • Less stress on employees with 24/7 bot protection

What to look for in IT security automation

Cybersecurity is one of the most critical investments for 21st-century enterprises. When assessing whether or not an RPA platform offers your company the best protection, you will want to choose a Robotic Process Automation company with an established reputation. Additionally, you want a company that supports your team as they adopt RPA security software and grow.

Because RPA security is strengthened by bot builds tailored to your company's needs, it's essential to empower your team to use and build bots to fit their needs. You may also want to take advantage of IQ bots with robotic artificial intelligence to support your team by observing their day-to-day processes then performing said tasks. In addition, cloud-based RPA prevents physical attacks and decentralizes your cybersecurity digital infrastructure.

Finally, using an RPA platform that scales with your company allows for uninterrupted protection against data breaches, leaks, and malware.

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