Intelligent Automation is definitely one of the stars of the “show.” There’s a good vibe in the industry as we turn all the hype into real, material benefits.

- Mike Reynolds Business Technology Senior Manager Service Digitization

Tell us about your career journey to date and what sparked your interest in Intelligent Automation.

I’ve always been an active learner and when I started my career at KeyBank in 2002 I had no idea, years later, I would be involved in one of the fastest growing technologies in the industry. My Real Estate Capital team became early adopters at KeyBank and created the first bot that went into production back in October 2017. I kept my eye on how fast ideation and delivery times could be with intelligent automation and when the opportunity became available in March 2019 I switched gears from leading .NET and Java development in a single vertical to leading our Service Digitization team with scope across the bank.

What was behind the need to change/implement the AAI automation solution?

With tons of varying processes and apps being used across KeyBank we found that API’s didn’t always exist or couldn’t be implemented fast enough to meet our needs. AAI’s ability to move fast and provide cost efficient solutions turns projects normally taking months to complete into projects with ultra-fast delivery ties. With additional benefits of robust logging and management of bot processing we can create powerful automations and meet all our regulatory guidelines with the platform.

What outcomes for you and your company are you expecting over the next 12-18 months?

We just celebrated the release of our 100th robotic process going into production with over 2,500 task bots being utilized, so it’s hard to get my arms around that accomplishment, let alone the next 12-18 months. Here goes… to keep on our current trajectory and provide transformational change for our business units we’ll need to double the amount of processes we have in place and leverage emerging technologies to do so. With the successful implementation of IQ Bot that opened many new use cases up to the team. I can see more groundbreaking technologies being integrated into the platform in a similar fashion that will drive even more value.

Intelligent Automation is one of the fastest growing technologies. What do you think about it and how do you feel it will affect how people will work in the future?

Intelligent Automation is definitely one of the stars of the “show.” There’s a good vibe in the industry as we turn all the hype into real, material benefits. We are democratizing many AI uses beyond the normal data science boundaries and putting them into the hands of everyday consumers, like you and me. The future we are building puts these advanced capabilities and algorithms into solutions we will build in the months to come.

What excites you about Intelligent Automation, ML, AI in the future?

The constant innovation and commitment to making the products more accessible to everyone with an interest is exciting. More and more people are jumping into the space and making meaningful contributions faster than ever. I don’t see the rate of change slowing down and with the barrier to entry in the field lowering every day the amount of innovation is only going to accelerate! I’m just happy to be along for the journey.


Dominic Cugini

Overnight, we had to figure out a way to respond to increasing call volumes and staff for large amounts of work for processes that didn’t exist before COVID-19. One of our success stories was in loan origination where we created nine bots that were able to do nine years’ worth of work in just two weeks.

Dominic Cugini, Divisional CIO of Service Digitization


Documents processed with IQ Bot


Years of work completed in two weeks


Run rate savings in 2020


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