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Bringing Process Data to every employee, decision, interaction in the Enterprise

Process Discovery, the process intelligence platform for the modern enterprise, today announced its process intelligence foundation platform. By leveraging AI and computer vision, this comprehensive solution creates a detailed blueprint of digital processes across all applications and departments within an organization. By capturing data at scale across the enterprise, the Process Intelligence platform is able to provide context and meaning behind all your organizational process data.

The FortressIQ Process Intelligence platform will allow organizations to be better prepared for their transformation initiatives and ensure success. According to studies conducted by McKinsey and Forbes, 70% of digital transformation projects fail, with $900B being wasted. In order to mitigate digital transformation failure or delay, successful next generation enterprises will need to:

  • Be data-driven
  • Respond quickly to internal and external pressures
  • Empower employees to make decisions in real-time

Today’s organizations have more data than ever before at their disposal, and the pressure is on to become more data-driven and shift away from operating based on intuition and siloed data. However, many companies struggle with how to mine process data from every part of the organization and paint a complete picture of how processes are actually being run.  In order to make effective decisions, enterprises need all of their process data at their fingertips.  FortressIQ’s process intelligence platform allows organizations to put process data at the center of every decision by collecting, aggregating, and cleaning their data to generate a centralized system of record for work that was not technically or economically feasible to create until now. 

“The FortressIQ process intelligence platform provides unique value by giving companies access to data and insights that will fuel their success and help them realize their business transformation goals,” said Pankaj Chowdhry, CEO at FortressIQ. “This system of record for work lets organizations leapfrog the competition by giving them knowledge of exactly how they operate. When companies, and employees, can see the data, they can see the possibilities.”

Process Discovery is bringing process data to every employee, interaction, and decision:

  • Employee – The integration with Microsoft Teams puts the employee at the center of strategy and decision-making.  By adding human-in-the-loop functionality and data agency, employees will have no new applications to learn allowing them to be self-service; essentially allowing them to be a Citizen Developer or a Citizen Data Scientist.
  • Interaction – By integrating process data into an organization’s existing data landscape, organizations will be able to connect the dots between existing systems, processes, and customers finally filling in the gaps that have slowed traditional transformation strategies.
  • Decision – Ubiquity, speed, and security are all essential elements to creating the Autonomous Deployment of bots.  A new event layer allows external systems and rules to trigger process observation, directory integration for auto deployment, and calendar or data based scheduling.

By using AI and Computer Vision, FortressIQ unlocks the limitless potential of the global workforce to fuel intelligent automation, value engineering, process redesign, system optimization, and employee experience; all outcomes that will fuel the next generation of digital transformation.

Supporting Quotes

“Among the top transformation priorities of leading digital businesses today is the need to intelligently improve, transform, and automate business processes and workforce activities, said Carl Lehmann, senior research analyst, applied infrastructure and DevOps for 451 Research, now a part of S&P Global Market Intelligence. “Their automation initiatives now bring to bear evolving technologies that make better use of real-world execution data and AI technologies to make processes, designers and users smarter and more productive.”

Developing an effective AI and automation strategy is essential for every modern enterprises’ success,” said Ben Nabulsi, process data scientist at dentsu. “Using FortressIQ’s Process Intelligence platform, just two of our data analysts were able to document and capture 2,200 processes in only five months. Based on this data, we were able to make decisions that had a significant positive impact on our workforce and its level of productivity.”

For more information, please visit: https://www.fortressiq.com/solution/ 

About FortressIQ

Process Discovery enables enterprises to decode work, transform experiences, and enhance workflows with the industry’s most advanced process intelligence platform. Using innovative computer vision and artificial intelligence, FortressIQ delivers unprecedented process insights, extremely fast, and with detail and accuracy unattainable with traditional methods. The platform autonomously acquires process data at scale even as processes extend across systems, empowering enterprises to understand, monitor, and improve operations, employee and customer experiences, and every business process. FortressIQ was founded in 2017, and is backed by Lightspeed Venture Partners, Boldstart Ventures, Comcast Ventures, Eniac Ventures, M12 and Tiger Global. To learn more, please visit fortressiq.com.  


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