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Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019 makes it easy to build bots through a simple-to-understand drag-and-drop interface. Many commands ship with our product out of the box. But did you know that you can also add additional commands to your Enterprise A2019 environment for building bots?

You can create your own Enterprise A2019 commands as action packages and upload them to your Enterprise A2019 Control Room to use with your new bots. Alternatively, you can save time by downloading and reusing free Enterprise A2019 action packages from the Automation Anywhere Bot Store.

The free action packages on Bot Store cover a broad range of ready-to-use commands for bot building in Enterprises A2019—from basic functions to speed bot creation to AI engine integrations, bringing intelligent decision-making into your bots. 

Using basic utilities

When you build bots on Enterprise A2019, there are often basic tasks that you need your bot to do—getting data from APIs, converting data from one format to another, updating documents and files, and others. Many action packages on Bot Store are available with commands that make it easy to add these functions to your bots.

  • JSON Object Manager Package. Bots often need to get data from cloud applications, process the data, and then update data back to those same cloud applications. This is done through REST APIs, or application programming interfaces, that allow bots, cloud applications, and other software to communicate with each other. 

    The JSON Object Manager Package makes it easier to integrate with REST APIs. When a bot makes a call to a REST API, the response that comes back is often in a JSON—a format for structured data.  

    You can use the commands in the JSON Object Manager Package to pull the right data from the JSON for your bot to process it. You can also use this package to update data in the JSON and return the update back to the cloud application through a separate REST API action. This tutorial provides more details on how to use this package. 

  • HTML Parser Package. Web pages are written in HTML, which provides building blocks such as IDs, classes, and tags for web page creation. HTML is also used in emails and files to transform them from plain text to a visually attractive format. 

    Let’s say you are building a bot that needs to get individual data items—IDs, tags, text, or values—from an HTML web page or email for further processing. Rather than build this logic from scratch, you can use the commands in the HTML Parser Package to specify the data item you want, search for it in the HTML web page, email, or document and get the values. Your bot can then further process this data to get more tasks done.

Integrating artificial intelligence

In many companies, unstructured data—images, audio, video—represents 80% of all business data. Intelligent automation is a powerful enabler for processing unstructured and structured data, combining Robotic Process Automation with artificial intelligence to enable end-to-end process automation and digital transformation. 

It’s straightforward to integrate artificial intelligence through action packages from Bot Store. 

  • Google Cloud API Package. The commands in this package provide options for integrating artificial intelligence into your bots. Using Google APIs, you can build voice-activated bots that convert speech to text and text to speech. This is particularly helpful in customer self-service or call center applications where bots can be triggered based on voice commands. 

    There are many other interesting things you can do with this package. You can create a bot that detects objects in an image. With other commands, you can detect the language type and translate it into text. This is helpful in converting voice to text and then translating to a preferred language. 
  • Document Automation Advanced Package. The IQ Bot Advanced Package enables developers to work more seamlessly with their IQ Bot environment. By using the commands in this package, developers can do everything from uploading documents to their IQ Bot learning instance to downloading files, formatting IQ Bot results, and checking the status of a document waiting to be validated. 

    Ultimately this enables developers who are using the cognitive automation capabilities of IQ Bot to more quickly upload, download, and process their invoices, purchase orders, healthcare forms, and other documents.

These are just a sample of the many free Enterprise A2019 action packages available on Bot Store that you can use to power your bot building and take it to the next level. Many of our free offerings also provide access to the source code so that you can see how they’re built or even make customizations or updates of your own.  

Finally, we encourage you to check out the training and guidance on our developer portal for how to build Enterprise A2019 action packages and other best practices. And if you choose to build your own custom package that you believe would help other developers, please consider posting it on the Bot Store. It’s a great way to share your work with the broader community, demonstrate your expertise in RPA, and empower other bot builders to build more advanced automations. 

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