30+ processes

<4 months average
‍ROI per process

9 months break-even



Bouygues Telecom is a French global telecommunications operator (mobile and landline) with 20M customers and a high-performance network covering 99% of the population. Bouygues Telecom continues to grow by boosting mobile data usage and making Broadcom services accessible to as many people as possible.


Customer experience is critical to success for Bouygues Telecom. To compete and win, their goal is to be efficient and error-free. They chose Robotic Process Automation as a solution to achieve both.

"The extremely positive first-year results have created a viral effect. Today, we are seeing exponential earnings growth.”


— Antoine Geoffroy, Head of IT Innovation


Invoice processing
HR processes
Quality Checks
Merchandising processing
Creating incident tickets


The IT innovation team started with an RPA proof of concept in 2017 to automate two highly manual processes. The purpose of these tests was to validate the value of simplicity and efficiency gains.


To profit from process automation quickly, Bouygues Telecom took an agile approach. They dedicated a person to focus on the proof of concept. After achieving early success, Bouygues Telecom signed with Automation Anywhere. One year later, 30+ processes are automated. The company is achieving the forecasted savings of nearly 400% for 2019 (> €10M/year). Overall, 8 departments are leveraging automation in their processes, with finance and customer relations seeing the greatest ROI.

Bouygues Telecom has implemented a federated organization for automation with a strong community-based aspect. The idea was simple: The business departments implement their automation projects while the IT team acts as an accelerator by providing them with everything they need to move forward (platform, licenses, expertise, assistance with the identification and qualification of usage scenarios, community support). Bouygues Telecom was also able to optimize platform implementation by enabling functions downstream.

Bouygues Telecom has identified some key factors for an RPA approach to be properly scaled:

"There is a fundamental element in our innovation approach, which consists of identifying business partners to launch the experiments. If the experiment is conclusive, a partner commits to the implementation of the solution on a large scale. As part of the RPA program, we got 2 business partners from 2 different business units on board. In addition to these partners, we have had strong support from the Director of IT to maximize success of the deployment and its roll out to the company. The combination of the IT Director and the business managers, backed by an adequate operational model, allowed the process to become scalable from the start. For Bouygues Telecom, the sponsorship and communication of the extremely positive results had an almost viral effect in under a year. This has allowed us to experience an exponential increase in earnings at present," said Antoine Geoffroy. His advice to companies who are considering automation but are hesitant? "Don't try to know everything before you start; but get started and learn along the way!"

"To try automation is to adopt it! Don't wait, get started. The gains are inversely proportional to the ease of RPA accessibility.”


— Antoine Geoffroy, Head of IT Innovation


Bouygues Telecom continues to innovate by deploying RPA in other departments and by looking into cognitive RPA in order to multiply the value of automation. For this, they have already launched some trials of AI-based IQ Bot to process PDF invoices, and are considering additional use cases where AI technology, such as NLP, can be leveraged through RPA software bots.

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