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BotFarm TM environment allows anyone, enterprise-wide, to deploy and recall thousands of software bots with a single click


Automation Anywhere, the global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), has announced the availability of BotFarm, the newest addition to its enterprise-grade, cognitive RPA platform. The industry-leading platform enables enterprises to create a digital workforce to manage and scale business processes faster and with near-zero error rates, while dramatically reducing operational costs. BotFarm is the industry’s only environment that provides unparalleled control over the way thousands of digital workers (or “bots”) are created, deployed and controlled, allowing companies to immediately scale up or scale down the use of bots to meet variable business process demand.


BotFarm mitigates the challenges associated with varying levels of business process workloads by providing immediate workforce “elasticity”—the ability to deploy bots with a single click whenever and wherever they’re needed. Beyond providing a higher degree of visibility and control over any business process, this demand-based system ensures that automated processes are only using the precise number of bots required, significantly reducing both processing and cloud computing costs.


“RPA is already touted as being fast and reliable. With BotFarm we go way beyond those expectations. Enterprises today require automation not just on-demand, but on a platform that offers extremely flexible delivery. BotFarm provides this kind of flexibility,” said Abhijit Kakhandiki, VP, Products at Automation Anywhere. “The ability to instantaneously spin up or down any number of bots, automating any number of business processes across a global organization is something we’re uniquely capable of delivering.”


Primary BotFarm features and benefits include:


Self-service access: An administrative portal featuring an interactive dashboard and real-time bot performance data allows anyone to deploy and recall bots as required.

Cloud efficiency and security: The ability to create and deploy bots in a public or private cloud to be used in any technology environment - on a server, on the desktop or connected to a mainframe.

Centralization: Integrated with Automation Anywhere’s Enterprise Control Room to centrally schedule bots to run at specified times and frequencies.

Dynamic scaling: Auto-scaling to adapt to unforeseen workload spikes without an outage.

Reduced IT complexity: No manual installations or need to write software scripts, reducing the demand on IT time and budget.


To request a live demo of Automation Anywhere BotFarm, visit https://www.automationanywhere.com/request-live-demo.


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