Have you pushed the boundaries of what’s possible with RPA and given your business a competitive edge with automation? It’s about time you got recognized for your pioneering work with your company, community, or industry. Congratulations on winning the Automation Anywhere Awards!

Here are the Automation Anywhere 2021 award winners

Awards by Region


Circle of Excellence Award

Rhea Medappa (NetLabs Global IT Services)

Under Pre-Sales and Consulting Lead Rhea Medappa’s leadership, Netlabs has built 10 hospital, 5 pharma and 2 manufacturing core use cases and solutions and a pipeline of 20+ Indian healthcare companies for the Automation Anywhere platform--achievements that not only distinguish Automation Anywhere’s...more

technology from competitors, but also reduce the sales cycle time and delivery timelines for customers. Transcending her pre-sales role, Rhea worked across in sales, alliance management, and the consulting phases of project delivery to ensure three large global customer acquisitions. less

Driving the Team Award

Amit Chakraborty (Bristlecone India Ltd.)

Head of RPA COE Amit Chakraborty inspired a cross functional team of Bot Developers, as well as experts in SAP functional and technical, ML and QC to build an unprecedented use case for a customer--the First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) Automation, which uses Automation 360 and IQ Bot....more

Overcoming challenges in variability, bubble drawing and customer’s expectations for degree of automation, the team’s solution cut 72% of the customer’s FAIR validation process time and processed 4x more FAIRs per day. less

Firefighter Award

Krishna Prasad Pushadapu, Radhika Karuppannan, Muralikrishna Balasubramanian, Jyoti Bhagat, Vaibhav Bankar (Infosys, Ltd.)

This team of intrepid RPA developers went above and beyond to work a complex problem, including researching Polish business terminology, then training IQ Bot to read it. Open Text OCR could not correctly read Polish language invoice pdfs stored in a customer’s IBM Open Text server. ...more

Manually processing the fields in each pdf would take approximately 15-20 minutes for each of the customer’s 5,000 monthly invoices from 18 different vendors. The customer assumed it would process the poor-quality pdfs manually. The team’s push to train a greater number of the vendors than promised, many of those with poor-quality pdfs, reduced the customer’s expected manual efforts by another 50%. less

One Team One Goal Award

Ajinkya Birwadkar (Tangentia Inc.)

India Director Ajinkya Birwadkar led a 20+ person Tangentia team to migrate all 50+ mission critical bots of Suncor’s bot farm from IBM to Automation Anywhere, navigating multiple patches and upgrades, within two months--one of Tangentia’s biggest managed services migration projects involving...more

Automation Anywhere. A collapse of the Suncor bot farm would have cost Suncor millions of dollars in losses. Upon the successful transition, Suncor experienced zero downtime and 99.9% efficiency in the bot runs with no failures. less

Sharing the Passion Award

Vijaya Kumar Viswanathan (Accenture)

While the pandemic shutdown paralyzed many of Accenture’s procurement automations worldwide, App Automation Engineering Manager Vijaya Viswanathan’s Intelligent Operations Team aimed to maintain the highest levels of support and successfully moved 50 automations to VDI in eight weeks. Wanting to avoid ...more

team layoffs, keep up morale and push his people ahead during a time of rapid change, Vijaya cross-skilled them. The predominantly technical team also became business analysts, developers, testers or code reviewers. Vijaya’s iterative design and agile execution plus the team’s mutual camaraderie and focused goals gave them resilience during Covid. less

The Automation Anywhere Brand Award

Efe Yılmazer (32Bit Bilgisayar Hiz. San. ve Tic. LTD. ŞTİ.)

As business development manager of 32Bit, Efe Yilmazer took on building awareness for Automation Anywhere in Turkey. Making a guest appearance with journalist Cüneyt Özdemir on YouTube’s most popular Turkish show, Efe introduced Automation Anywhere and RPA to more than 100,000 viewers. He moderated...more

an Automation Anywhere RPA webinar attended by 50 Turkish industry leaders and was a key figure in the Kuveyt Turk case study. His Automation Anywhere-related social media activities brought in 10k+ plus impressions and helped 32Bit increase RPA client count by almost 40% in 2021. less


MVP Partner Award Americas

Team Tangentia (Tangentia Inc.)

Tangentia’s unique agile project delivery methodology brings usable product to market in sprints. With 50 staff members trained in Automation Anywhere and IQ Bot, 40 unique marketing assets plus a dozen campaigns for customer and lead generation, Tangentia has successfully delivered ...more

20 different Automation Anywhere projects across industries ranging from healthcare, oil & gas to manufacturing. less

Go Be Human Award Americas

Murali Vullaganti (PeopleShores)

This impact sourcing partner for socially conscious companies started an RPA Center of Excellence in Clarksdale, Mississippi, bringing a future of work skill to an area suffering from generational cycles of poverty. Headed by Founder and Executive Chairman Murali Vullaganti, PeopleShores gives motivated people who are overlooked...more

talent help from mentors, teammates and hundreds of hours of training, so they can build a future in technology--and then employs them as associates in a socially responsible model of outsourcing. less

Go Evangelist Americas Award

Sunil S Ranka (Predikly LLC)

Sunil Ranka is the founder of Predikly, a data innovation company that helps solve platform, RPA, application, and data-related challenges. As a venture partner at znationlab (a startup Accelerator), Sunil has nurtured and invested in 22 startups. An industry influencer, his Forbes...more

articles, podcasts, LinkedIn posts and active participation in Imagine Digital showcase his continued interest in and support of Automation Anywhere. less

Great Women Americas Award

Sarah Hanson (BP3 Global)

A BP3 Program Lead for Automation Anywhere RPA, Sarah Hanson “went above and beyond” to retain a customer about to de-platform. She spoke with them about their motivations and goals, created a plan for their bot estate and then formed the right team to execute their vision in their timeline. She was...more

directly responsible for saving over $1M of license revenue in the last 12 months. Sarah created a BP3 coffee mentorship group for new hires of all ages and genders. Says a member of her team: “She mentored me in Automation Anywhere and how to communicate effectively with the client and understand their needs. It was like having a teacher, coworker, and friend all in one person every day.” less

Innovation Excellence Americas Award

Mozaiq Team (Mozaiq Automation Pvt. Ltd.)

Manual labor in the mortgage industry’s document-intensive processes means it takes 3-4 weeks to process a loan package that is often prone to multiple errors. Using IQ Bot and testing many iterations with multiple customers, Mozaique developed a platform with a high level of data extraction accuracy...more

that allows customers to deploy a solution in weeks instead of months--and to process documents much faster than competing products in the market today. Customers have been able to process 300% more loans at no additional cost and can reduce infrastructure costs on average by 50%. less

Love This Human Americas Award

Gauri Shirur D'Souza (Tangentia Inc.)

Customers describe Gauri D’Souza as constant “grace under pressure.” She saved an important account by collaborating with the Automation Anywhere Team to resolve unexpected bot performance issues outside their immediate control. Gauri managed another project where a new Automation Anywhere customer...more

trialed its first RPA implementation for a complex customer onboarding process across 50+ very different settings. Her team successfully handled the project’s complexity and hard deadlines and the customer has now signed a managed services contract. less

Extra Mile Americas Award

Alejandro López (A3 Servicios de Tecnología S.A de C.V)

Alejandro López, CEO of A3 Servicios de Tecnologia, worked hard with two clients Seguros Banorte and Qualtia, to successfully position the complete Automation 360 platform (along with IQ Bot, Bot Insight and Discovery Bot) as the best choice over IBM and its new acquisition, WDG.

Passion for Excellence Americas Award

Mahadev Pratap (Mindtree Ltd.)

Surpassing his given role as Business Analyst and RPA Project Lead for Mindtree client Cartus Corporation, Mahadev became an expert in new bot deployments and reached out to the company’s RPA end users to help them better understand what RPA can and cannot do when automating legacy business processes....more

He is responsible for 50+ successful business processes and process design documents, and more than 10 very clear supporting documents. less

AARI for Humans Award

Manish Pandya (TaskUs)

TaskUs is a company that provides digital outsourcing services to technology companies. Currently TaskUs call centers deploy 15 bots for about 800 attended users with a total inventory of 1500 attended runners and are one of the biggest AARI footprints on Automation 360. Using AARI and bots, SVP Digital...more

Manish Pandya’s team has saved the company about $50K in 2020; 60% reduced compliance errors by 60% and attracted more of clients opting for process automation services. less


Great Women APAC Award

Ashwini Hegde (Tangentia Inc.)

As Automation Practice Head at Tangentia, Ashwini Hegde grew a robust practice from three people to 60 in just 1.5 years. Women from diverse backgrounds make up 50% of her team. She empowers women on the team to take up new challenges, helps whenever there are work-life balance issues--and has...more

streamlined many of the company’s hiring, training and certification processes. Ashwini recently led 25 people on a three-month project to help a customer process more than 40,000 documents related to invoice, transport and export in more than 8,000 different document formats using RPA and IQ Bot. less

Innovation Excellence APAC Award

Shen Hongyan (ATA Technology [DALIAN] Co., Ltd.)

More 100 RPA competitors exist in China and given a choice, many Chinese companies prefer to “buy local.” Despite this highly competitive environment, ATA’s unique ABM (AI bot management) platform, a bundled solution with Automation Anywhere technology, is taking off. The standout platform...more

has proved irresistible for the banking, financial service and insurance industry because of its Bot lifecycle management and COE support. less

Love This Human APAC Award

Dan Ormerod (Definiti)

As humans we sometimes “drop the ball” when under pressure and what matters most is what we do next. Technical Team Lead for Definiti Dan Ormerod leveraged negative feedback from an important customer in corporate real estate as an opportunity to grow and worked to improve Definiti's...more

quality of service. The result has been a happy client that continues to renew their engagement with Definiti on an annual basis. Dan’s recent achievements: 14 unique solutions delivered; 2 license deals closed within 6 months and a Covid-19 RPA solution that saves 8 hours of human effort per day for the last 6 months. less

Extra Mile APAC Award

Xiaopeng Zhang (Shanghai Quark Information Technology Co., Ltd)

Xiaopeng Zhang, Shanghai Quark Information Technology’s CEO, worked tirelessly for one year to set up visits with key people at the Agricultural Bank of China, one of the nation’s four largest commercial banks, and help their technical team understand the advantages of Automation Anywhere...more

technology. Despite the lower prices of local RPA vendors and the promises of other large global competitors, the bank has now automated more than 146 of its processes with Automation Anywhere--its sole RPA supplier and the first RPA technology deployed nationally by a major Chinese financial customer. less

Fly High Cloud APAC Award

Kevin Li (Laputa Technologies Limited)

Laputa Senior Sales Advisor Kevin Li’s team has launched a thriving Cloud RPA practice in Hong Kong after migrating two on prem customers, Maxim’s Caterers Ltd. and Dah Chong Hong Holdings Ltd. (DCH), to Automation 360. The platform has saved Maxim’s staff from working through the night...more

to monitor multi-system transactions status, a boring but critical task. Likewise, the success of Automation 360 in two of DCH’s business units has convinced the client to deploy it across three more. less

Passion for Excellence APAC Award

Akshay Shirodkar (Tangentia Inc.)

Technical Manager Akshay Shirodkar has played a key role in most of Tangentia’s main Automation Anywhere projects, including that for JLR, one of the biggest IQ Bot projects at the company. Akshay’s greatest accomplishment was training a total of 40,000 documents that had 8,000 different...more

formats for the JLR project--achieving excellent straight through processing and accuracy. He also trained more than 2,000 groups. Akshay is now the lead of the 25-person JLR project team. less


MVP Partner IMEA Award

LKM RPA team: Narayan Rao, Sridhar Prakash K, Dinesh Pazhaniyandi, Sidramappa Hunashyal; Babul Patnaik (Accenture Solutions Pvt Ltd)

Quickly responding to the Covid crisis, this RPA training team transitioned its 2-day "RPA with Automation Anywhere" training sessions in all Accenture delivery centers across India-- to online, while retaining the personal experience of a live classroom and keeping the focus on hands-on...more

implementation--all without skipping a single session. Between Feb 2020 and Jan 2021, 761 participants (36,520+ person hours) with various company roles from 85 different projects completed the program, rating it 4.75 out of 5. less

Go Evangelist IMEA Award

Theertha K S (Mindtree Ltd)

Mindtree Technical Lead Theerta K S proudly displays his A-Lister banner and “Automation Advocate” at the top of his LinkedIn page. A self-described “passionate developer, motivator, mentor, and quick learner,” he closely follows the Automation Anywhere technical team and frequently shares their posts....more

He writes deeply technical tutorial guest posts on the company website. He is so involved in social media conversations about RPA and Automation Anywhere, that one member of our online community, A-People, named him as “the number one contributor … always eager to help other community members solve their problems.” less

Great Women IMEA Award

Syed Farheen (Accenture)

App Automation Engineering Analyst for Accentures’s Intelligent Operations team, Farheen takes the team’s female newcomers under her wing. She customizes a robust monthlong training plan for each, including ownership of 4 end-to-end projects that, whenever possible, incorporate their favorite activities...more

and strongest talents. She also coaches them in networking and other confidence-boosting activities. Farheen has built automations for contract management, the pension payment process and procurement and is certified in Automation 360 Advanced. less

Innovation Excellence IMEA Award

Lakshmi Mounika (Tata Consultancy Services)

Tata Consultancy Services uses Dynamic Bot Scaling, when a “primary” bot activates other “secondary” bots, based on the number of users that are actively working with dynamic data. Conversely, the fewer the users and the lesser the amount of data, more bots are de-activated. This ability to scale saves...more

deploying unneeded machines during times of lower activity; saves infrastructure and licensing costs and reduces support team monitoring tasks. less

Love This Human IMEA Award

GökhanOrhon (32Bit Bilgisayar Hiz. San. ve Tic. LTD. ŞTİ.)

“Gökhan Orhon never leaves a problem unsolved,” says a teammate, who adds he typically goes beyond his formal role of process development, to help 32Bit with potential deals. Since RPA is new to the Turkish market, prospects sometimes want to automate a process that may not be the best automation candidate. ...more

As part of his thorough needs analysis, this RPA team leader often finds a way to automate part or all of those processes--or guides them to a better automation route. With Gökhan as the 32Bit team leader, the company has experienced between 30 and 60% annual client growth in the past three years. less

Extra Mile IMEA Award

Radhika Karuppannan (Infosys Limited)

One of Infosys’ European Oil and Gas major customers with a presence on four continents wanted to migrate from a competitive RPA platform to Automation Anywhere; migrate 20 use cases from another vendor control room to the Automation Anywhere control room and automate the reconciliation process on...more

Windows Virtual Desktop. Results: 60% increase in efficiency. The client describes Infosys Team Leader Radhika Karuppannan as “…stupendous in tackling multiple opportunities, her contribution to us is second to none.” less

Passion for Excellence IMEA Award

Deepanshu Soni (Mozaiq Automation Pvt. Ltd.)

With over 232 mortgage documents indexed and over 6,500 fields extracted, the Mozaiq solution reduces mortgage loan processing time from months to weeks. Associate Engineering Lead Deepanshu Soni was a key player in development of the core solution--increasing the accuracy of document indexing and...more

document extraction (the latter leverages Automation Anywhere’s IQ Bot for an average 85% accuracy). A key Mozaiq customer processed 300% more loans with no cost increases, after deploying the Indexing and Data Extraction modules. less

Go Be Human Award IMEA

RPA Nuggets

With a vision of reskilling one million women in Africa in RPA over the next ten years, CEO and Founder Tholang Mathopa has built a caring community at RPA Nuggets that helps people transition from being retrenched, into working in automation. The agency focuses on developing people not just with ...more

competencies but with life skills and with confidence in their own potential for leadership. So far, more than 400 women have been trained and 250 have found RPA-related employment. less


MVP Partner EU/UK Award

Lukasz Andre Rybarczyk (Roboyo GmbH)

Roboyo Automation Lead Lukasz Rybarczyk’s solutions and work arounds, and his practice of constant coordination and communication across customer, partner and vendor sides, help resolve critical software bugs. His team closed a number of challenging customer opportunities and was the key to renewing important existing customers in Germany.

Innovation Excellence EU/UK Award

Amit Kumar, Dhirendra Trivedi, Naveen V, Sumathy N (Infosys Limited)

A major European oil and gas company set a goal to become net zero (carbon neutral) by 2050, seeking greater efficiencies across its functions through automation. The biggest highlight was End-Of-Day (EOD) monitoring for processes. By eliminating the manual, tedious, and error-prone effort of...more

watching the nightly jobs run, the Infosys Automation Team produced a robust, consistent, and traceable bot-driven solution that cuts down the resources and time it takes to spot, analyze, and react to time-sensitive failures. Cost savings from various aspects of this automation totaled >$1.2 million. less

Love This Human EU/UK Award

Ashish Hariyan (LatentBridge)

One of the largest timber processing and distribution companies hired LatentBridge to automate procurement, sourcing, workorders invoicing and billing. Mid-project, the customer decided to extend its automation into other departments. With their goals in mind, LatentBridge team’s Ashish Hariyan exceeded ...more

their expectations; he built them an automation center of excellence. The center’s value add? An ROI framework for new automation projects; alternate RPA deployment architectures to improve existing infrastructure and a server migration plan for the systems involved. The project doubled the speed of creating work orders and reduced errors by 80%. less

Fly High Cloud Award EU/UK Award

Stefan Denz (Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH)

Fujitsu decided to use Automation Anywhere software for their new RPA as a Service offering on their own cloud platform for their customers. Automation 360 is now the only cloud native platform available as a "German cloud offering." Fujitsu tailors automation for each individual customer.

Extra Mile Award EU/UK

Vamsi Kowtha (TCS)

Pre-Sales and Solutions Lead Vamsi Kowtha built collaborative relationships with four marquee TCS accounts that included three significant wins. Well-known for his thorough and candid assessments of competitive landscapes and coaching on global systems integrator engagement, Vamsi’s efforts.

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