Have you pushed the boundaries of what’s possible with RPA and given your business a competitive edge with automation? It’s about time you got recognized for your pioneering work with your company, community, or industry. Congratulations on winning the Automation Anywhere Awards!

Here are the Automation Anywhere 2021 award winners

Awards by Region


Circle of Excellence Award

Global COE (UBS)

The UBS COE not only has one of the longest running RPA initiatives but also the widest deployment across any customer within Europe. Managing one of the world’s largest digital workforces, it is operational 24/7 in one of the most heavily regulated industries and offers a comprehensive level ...more

1 & 2 support to internal customers. It has helped the largest of enterprises to remain agile in unexpected market conditions. This COE has always placed employees first, allowing them to grow in their roles and has not displaced a single human worker--exemplifying what RPA can and should be. less

Driving the Team Award

Shailesh Mohanty (Dentsply Sirona)

Extending across Dentsply Sirona’s Sales and Commercial, IT, HR and Finance departments, the Enterprise Modernization Program is the most critical digitization program in the company's history and requires the engagement of many internal and external cross-functionals. Manager, Digital...more

Commerce Shailesh Mohanty successfully navigated the complexity and timing of the company’s RPA deliverables and provided solutions that were win-win for all. One example? Turnaround time for customer requests for one use case went from 6 days to 4 hours. less

Firefighter Award

Mike Kirby (GlaxoSmithKline)

GlaxoSmithKline faced significant failures across their estate of ~400 bot runner machines--a critical challenge at month-end. RPA Tech Analyst Mike Kirby, the key contact supporting Automation Anywhere in addressing bot delivery and internal support, did whatever it took...more

(including all levels of analysis, issue routing and planning key troubleshooting times and activities) to identify and reduce the errors. With Mike’s help, Automation Anywhere fixed more than 95% of the failures. less

One Team One Goal Award

Rakesh Gupta (Novartis)

COE Head Rakesh Gupta’s Robotics and Cognitive Automation Team found the best way to increase automation adoption across Novartis: Build a company-wide Self-Service (Citizen Development) Model. The team conducts companywide RPA awareness and training sessions on identifying feasible automation...more

projects, choosing an automation process or assessing the best automation. The team built a step-by-step detailed bot implementation guide; held bot building & Automation Anywhere sessions; created a forum for developers and dedicated technical support for each business. Novartis saw a 50% reduction in delivery time for self-service bots. less

Sharing the Passion Award

Phillip Lorey (Ensemble Health Partners)

Ensemble Health Partners’ bots must read tables or images to extract specific data points--and also go deep into Citrix-based applications with a high level of accuracy. Senior Engineer and out-of-the-box thinker Phil Lorey built an OCR tool that works with A360 software to build bots within...more

complex Citrix-based applications--bots that processed more than 20,000 records in just the last few months. Based on this achievement, the company expects to create additional automations for clients on Citrix-based applications--and for just about any processes it uses. less

The Automation Anywhere Brand Award

Mineyuki Hashimoto (Nidec Corp)

Nidec makes motor application products, basically, "everything that spins and moves." The company’s Information Systems General Manager, Mr. Mineyuki Hashimoto, persuaded Nidec’s head office to go with Automation Anywhere, rather than a competitor they were leaning towards. Since then, two...more

domestic and one overseas subsidiary have also adopted Automation Anywhere and it’s under consideration at 5+ others. Mr. Hashimoto has presented on the effectiveness of Automation Anywhere throughout Nidec and at global conferences. He has even created his own RPA competitive comparison document. less


Automation Anywhere MVP Award Americas

Beth Wheat (Experian)

With more than 400 bots live and a quarterly straight through processing rate of 90%, Experian is one of Automation Anywhere’s most successful customers. Serving a wide range of business units, Experian’s Centre of Excellence approach to A360 migration has brought the entire business along for the...more

journey. The company’s RPA program has produced an average of 149% increase in productivity. less

Innovation Excellence Award Americas

Kevina Finn-Braun (Splunk)

Splunk’s Sales division, led by Director Kevina Finn-Braun, became the first Automation Co-Pilot use case across six different customer request workflows and reduced cycle time from two days to two hours. Using a series of discussions and feedback from Splunk customers to plan each stage, this successful use case ...more

reference will benefit the sales divisions of other companies scaling with RPA--and help other customers adopt an "automation mindset" when redesigning processes for scalability, agility and productivity. less

The Automation Co-Pilot for Humans Award Americas

Kevina Finn-Braun (Splunk)

Splunk’s Sales division, led by Director Kevina Finn-Braun, built the first Automation Co-Pilot use case across six different customer request workflows that reduced cycle time from two days to two hours. Using a series of discussions and feedback from Splunk customers to plan each stage, this successful use case shows ...more

how Automation Co-Pilot can help any company’s sales team that needs more time to devote to higher-level work and to answer customer requests faster while improving their overall experience. The Automation Co-Pilot automation also allows the Splunk finance team to quickly recognize revenue. less

The Passion for Excellence Award Americas

Gregory (Scott) Chapman (Corning, Inc.)

When Corning’s Life Sciences Market-Access Platform joined the battle against COVID-19, the company still needed to ship urgent orders for non-COVID-related vital products and was forced to give six already busy employees an additional, tedious, manual assignment. Solution Architect Scott Chapman offered ...more

to help these colleagues, by designing, building, and supporting an automated report on order lines for inventory shipment fulfillment. This error-free automation, Scott’s first after completing automation development training, processes up to 800 lines of orders and saves 12-to-16 hours a day. His six grateful colleagues now call him “one of the team.” less

Love this Human

Radha. V (LifeCell International Pvt Ltd)

The covid pandemic created a huge impact on manpower availability on the functional operations of the laboratory data feed and data shared. The team studied the crisis situation and brainstormed for the best process and improvements to deliver a major impact on the pandemic manpower situation....more

Within 48 hours the entire automated workflow was completed and implemented. The entire team went above and beyond their responsibilities to ensure the fastest and accurate implementation. less


Automation Anywhere MVP Award APAC

Zhang Hui (Konica Minolta Business Solutions Asia Pte Ltd)

Data Analytics Specialist Zhang Hui has worked hard to spread the benefits of automation across the entire APAC region of Konica Minolta Business Solutions. He conducted 15 days of training involving six countries; coordinated the company’s Automation Anywhere v11 upgrade and facilitated technical...more

support for the whole region with help from the Automation Anywhere support team. He handles all the RPA development and maintenance work for the Singapore office. Between April 20 and March 2021, RPA tasks developed and delivered in APAC increased from 88 to 147. less

Go Evangelist Award APAC

Kenji Tomooka (Fujitec Co., Ltd)

One of the best-known CIOs in Japan, Fujitec’s Executive Operating Manager, CIO/CDO Mr. Kenji Tomooka has thousands of social media followers (think 3,000+ on Twitter). A recent post about Automation Anywhere on Facebook garnered 100 likes within minutes. He presents on the topic of RPA/Digital ...more

Transformation at events like Imagine Digital Japan and those hosted by outside organizations where he influences other CIOs. less

Great Women Award APAC

KNakatani, Esuteru Tano, Eriko Nomiyama (Nissha Co., Ltd.)

Three women from different roles across Nissha (RPA CoE, Corporate Information Technology and Management) joined forces to create an extraordinary movement that swept throughout their company. As RPA instructors, they have trained more than 200 citizen developers (many of them women) in the past...more

two-and-a-half years. These citizen developers have built more than 400 bots that have saved the company 40,000 hours. Nissha’s CIO consistently recognizes and commends their work. less

Innovation Excellence Award APAC

Finance Digital Automation Team (NetApp)

NetApp’s Finance department depends on this team of process, solution architecture, delivery and operations experts for process automation. The team has established such a strong level of trust with their internal client that bots are now used in every Finance function, the team has...more

a future pipeline of ~ 70 processes (12 months+) and they are trusted to execute and support these and all critical close-related processes for Finance 24x7. The team has already delivered 150+ automations. less

Love This Human Award APAC

Jagandeep Singh/Finance Automation Operations Team (NetApp)

Formed two years ago, this six-person team executes and supports automations for NetApp’s Finance organization. Initially the team faced daunting challenges--learning the finance business--winning the trust of Finance to automate their critical processes--and pulling together when...more

Covid impacted many during year-end close. Their work has earned an almost 100% CSAT (scoring Good-Excellent) in critical Finance areas; 30-minute SLAs for execution of critical processes; SLAs of 6 hours and 24 hours for critical and medium severity fixes and 24x7 support to execute critical processes. less

The Passion for Excellence Award APAC

Masaki Hino (Bank of Kyoto, Ltd.)

While the conservative Japanese banking industry prefers to buy IT services and products from local companies, the Bank of Kyoto was the first to break with tradition after its locally built RPA was unsuccessful. The bank’s Associate Director-General Masaki Hino convinced leadership to...more

go with Automation Anywhere, but only after he and the Automation Anywhere team could demonstrate that the high security needed for banks’ sensitive data is ingrained within every aspect of our platform. Closely following Bank of Kyoto’s progress, other Japanese banks and BFSI companies are now asking Mr. Hino to share his RPA journey with them. less

The Extra Mile Award APAC

Prabhukiran Shivaiah (GlobalFoundries)

GlobalFoundries’ RPA System and Application Administrator Prabhukiran Shivaiah has self-trained to be an “all-rounder,” acquiring expertise in automation process, discovery, build, testing, deployment and management. He used all those skills during the pandemic when government authorities...more

would permit factories to stay open only if they could accurately record movements of their onsite workforce throughout their facilities. Deployed ahead of schedule, Prabhukiran’s robust holistic solution collected 20K+ turnstile movements, 10K safe entries and 3K contact tracing records daily with a 30-minute data refresh interval, winning the confidence and approval of GlobalFoundries’ management and the local ministry. less


Automation Anywhere MVP Award IMEA

Sudeep Srivastava, Manish Kumar, Sufyan Sayed, Ganesh Gadhave, Neeraj Chaudhari (Schlumberger)

These five MVPs lead a team of 20 RPA COE developers and provide training and Automation Anywhere support to 30+ technical developers across different Schlumberger business units worldwide through training, workshops, process improvement and standardization. They have delivered 43+ projects in...more

2020, that saved 280,000 person hours. Schlumberger is one of the few companies that has initiated a project using A360-Automation Co-Pilot and plans to scale the solution for ~200+ Automation Co-Pilot users. less

Innovation Excellence Award IMEA

Operations Intelligence Team within Central Operations (LinkedIn)

LinkedIn began its RPA journey when its Operations Intelligence Team designed a unique collaborative infrastructure solution for the company’s Global Sales Organization. IT, Engineering, Infosec and senior stakeholders decided to combine Azure virtual machines with on-prem virtual desktop infrastructure....more

The innovation accelerated the company’s planned RPA adoption by an entire year. In Year 1, the Operations team built 57 bots (50 targeted) that completed almost 600K digital transactions (20 percent more than the 500K targeted)--and then rolled out RPA to 10 internal business units, saving more than 20,000 hours. LinkedIn’s Engineering, Customer and other organizations wanted in fast; previously planned for a year out, their own RPA journeys are starting now. RPA implementation at LinkedIn has so far has cut turnaround times in half and costs by 8-10X. less

The Automation Co-Pilot for Humans Award IMEA

Lalitesh Sharma (ISON)

MTN is an emerging market mobile operator whose more than 277 million customers in 20 markets use its voice, data, digital, fintech wholesale and enterprise services. Phase One for automation of four key processes at MTN’s Accra-Ghana contact center has gone live with 50 agents and the customer...more

has rated the improvement in services management and customer satisfaction as “exceptional.” MTN plans to scale up to 2,500 seats, making this global deployment of Automation Co-Pilot one of the largest in the contact center/BPO space yet. less

Love This Human Award IMEA

Yash Gupta (Lupin)

Lupin Data and Digital team’s Yash Gupta ensures sure Lupin’s 25+ production bots for mission critical processes run seamlessly, no matter what. His fresh perspective as a recent management graduate helps build close relationships with the company’s various application and business stakeholders....more

He informs them of potential bot processes they can develop, addresses their ad hoc requirements for building test environments, scripts or even develops a bot or changes its design. less

The Passion for Excellence Award IMEA

Sajjad Mahmud (KAUST)

Covid lockdown came just when KAUST started its RPA Proof of Concept (POC), involving 3 different platforms--and was in the middle of an SAP transformation program. IT Administration & Community Portfolio Manager Sajjad Mahmud became the RPA POC technical coordinator across multiple teams...more

and built an RPA playbook for 100% remote implementations. The POC saw >95% accuracy; eliminated SAP manual data entry; saved significant time (e.g. from 3 working days to less than one hour for one HR process) and can run after working hours to avoid peaks. Sajjad is now leading the Automation Anywhere pilot, automating 5 processes across 4 departments, to build a long-term RPA strategic program. less

The Extra Mile Award IMEA

Praveen Shankaran (KFin Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)

KFin Technologies has attempted a cutting-edge implementation: Automating data entry for 100% handwritten content. Working with customer Axis Bank Mutual Fund and using version 11 of IQ Bot, Phase 1 was able to reduce manual intervention by 70%. In the upcoming Phase 2, KFin will work with...more

10 additional mutual funds, using the latest A360 release of IQ Bot. The final goal? Achieving a "zero touch” program. less

Great Women Award IMEA

Bashayr Al-Barrak (Aljazira Bank)

Optimization Process Senior Officer Bashayr Al-Barrak is a highly valued member of Aljazira Bank’s automation team. She is completely committed to deliver on any ask, including persuading an automation-wary department to trust in RPA rather than challenge it and to consider the automation...more

team’s ideas for its use. Bashayr used thoughtfulness, tact, her powers of observation and organization as well as a genuine belief in what RPA can achieve, to convey its value and gain acceptance of the technology from the other bank function. less


Automation Anywhere MVP Award EU/UK

Sam Yates (St. James’ Place)

St. James Place Wealth Management handles $113 billion worth of client funds, including advice investments, and pensions, for individuals, families, and business owners. Partners at the firm need to produce numerous critical and 100% accurate calculations as they constantly evaluate, move...more

and protect their clients’ funds. Head of Intelligent Automation Sam Yates piloted and delivered 77 processes over 12 months, with the goal to double the number by the end of the year. Currently 85-90% of all cases are checked with a bot and the firm now saves an average of 63 minutes per case. less

Go Evangelist Award EU/UK

Tamil Arasu (Fugro)

Tamil Arasu is consistently a top contributor to Automation Anywhere’s A-People community, especially in any conversation about IQ Bot. “I just really like IQ Bot,” he says. “I have studied a lot of 3rd party sources to learn how IQ BOT works...more

end-to-end.” Tamil has made several suggestions to Automation Anywhere’s IQ BOT team for new features; the team has already implemented three of these enhancements and two more are pending. At the time of the nomination, Tamil’s A-People posts had sparked 825 comments and 116 likes. less

Innovation Excellence Award EU/UK

RPA COE Team (Scania)

Scania manufactures heavy-duty vehicles and is part of the Volkswagen Group that includes Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, VW and others. Using A360’s capabilities, Scania’s RPA team built a bot that helps determine minimum space required for packing and shipping large parts. Total...more

savings for Scania alone are already €5m per year and include an associated reduction in CO2 emissions. The savings could be exponential when this automation is rolled out into the rest of the Volkswagen Group. less

Love This Human Award EU/UK

Sandro Hahn (Vetter)

Junior Controller Systems & BI Sandro Hahn has made himself an indispensable first point of contact for both business and delivery sides of Vetter’s process automation. He’s adept at turning very confusing conversations with process owners into streamlined sources of useful information, allowing...more

developers to focus on delivery. His help documenting and standardizing other use cases makes very complex projects easy. He is responsible for future process identification and documentation and automation of at least two use cases would not have been possible without his help. less

The Extra Mile Award EU/UK

Julia Schimmele (Vetter Pharma)

CEO Expert, Digitalization Julia Schimmele helped build Vetter’s flagship CoE. Self-trained in RPA, she became a "go to" for any RPA related questions. Her astute communication skills eased pain points that could have delayed the project and created a seamless stable working environment for business...more

users and developers. She assumed responsibility for all environmental standards and document structure, freeing the rest of the team to provide best possible results on time--and helped automate 4 use cases in 2 months. less

The Passion for Excellence Award EU/UK

Michael Small (Centrica)

Centrica outsourced the manual triggering of its >100 production bots (some are business critical) to a third party at a sizeable monthly cost that was slicing into its RPA ROI. Assigned to come up with an internal solution for unattended bot triggering under tight deadlines, Development Lead,...more

Centrica Automation COE Michael Small project-managed the internal Centrica stakeholders and the supporting AA team and completed the bulk of the A360 development work, which was at the time entirely new to him. The final solution testing yielded a 92% success rate, that, with clear enhancements, would have resulted in 99% success. less

Go Be Human Award

Tremaine Richard Noel (Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust)

In March 2020, automation thought leader and Head of Emerging Technology for Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust (NGH), Tremaine Richard-Noel witnessed the pandemic sweep across the UK. Working with the Automation Anywhere team, he built automations for 24/7 hospital patient oxygen...more

monitoring with no human intervention needed. The “oxygen bot” provided 100% data input accuracy, eliminating clinical risk, and redirecting 1,500+ hours for staff to focus on even more crucial value-adding activities that save lives. NGH plans to repurpose more than 115,000 hours using a number of automations during 2021 and save more than half a million person hours over the next five years. less

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